Face to Face [C.H]

I am anorexic trying to come face to face with Calum Hood


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@Violeta.hood @Calum5sos I love you mall boy you are my kiwi come cuddle me

'Ha like he'd wanna cuddle your fat ass' Ana yelled at me "He treats me better then you" I snapped at her 'I'm shaking Violeta'

"Bitch" I scoffed at her. I sat on my bed and looked down at myself and poked my enormous stomach "Fat ass" I yelled at myself and I punched my stomach as hard as I could. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror and I never have liked my reflection. A tear went down my cheek.

"VIOLETA" great my mum was home and I was gonna be in trouble for something. I walked down the stairs mumbling a few cuss words as I approached my mum "yes" I looked at her and she gestured me towards her and I stepped close to her and she was smoking and she hit me and I fell to the floor and look up at her and held my cheek "YOU LITTLE BITCH YOU TRIED TO SLEEP WITH MY BOYFRIEND" she kicked my stomach 5 times. I hurdled in a ball and tried to hide from her so she wouldn't hit me anymore but then she got a belt.

"Get up" she spat in my face I stood up in pain "take our shirt off" she ordered me and I did and I put my fingers at the hem of my shirt pulling it over my head and it fell to the floor and she hit me so hard with the belt I flinched at the pain "I HATE YOU" she talked and kept on hitting me with the belt "I SHOULD HAVE ABORTED YOU BECAUSE YOURE A PEICE OF SHIT" I felt the tears. Then she hit me so hard I felt blood run down my body.

"I never even shoulda kept you and she came towards me and burned me with her cigaret "AHH!" I screamed in pain she just laughed in my face "put your shirt on clean up and then clean this fucking house! " she walked away I grabbed my shirt putting it on gently "SSS" I winced in pain I went into the bathroom and washed my hands and I opened the toilet lid and put 2 finger into the back of my mouth an I gagged again and again and I puked I did this until I had nothing left to puke I washed my hand and got in the shower.

I ran the water low and the shower felt good on my body. I washed up got out brushed my teeth and went and changed and I started to clean the whole house. I was in so much pain.

'Ugh you're disgusting ' Perrie and Ana were laughing at me clean

"You aren't to much better Perrie" I said as I scrubbed the stove off 'dont be a bitch' Perrie yelled

"Whatever" I finished and went into my room looking at my phone and I got a tweet @Calum5sos @Violeta.hood I'll consider it babe but there a catch ;) how much do you love me

I stopped and looked at my phone again I couldn't believe my eyes @Violeta.hood @Calum5sos more then you'll ever know

I smiled at my phone getting happy and I heard my mum in the hall I locked my phone and hid it she had no idea I had a phone she'd take it from me and she break it or keep it for herself. I pulled a cover over myself and pretended to sleep.

I heard my door open "good night Violeta" my mum said and shut the door stupid bitch didn't care she pretends I hate her more then she'll ever know

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