Emilia Robertson just moved to California with her dad, Joseph. Emilia stumbles upon pop star, Justin Bieber, which she despises because of his attitude and his cockiness. She tries to avoid him but he keeps running back because she is not like other girls.

Will Justin try to win her heart?

Will Emilia give in?

Find out in "Extraordinary"!


1. New Home

Emilia under here.

Emilia's POV💘:

Hi! I am Emilia Liane Robertson. But everyone calls me Emily! Me and my dad, Joseph Stanly Robertson, moved to California because my dad works as the CEO of The Business Express. It's just a large building where meetings, gatherings, and blah blah blah are held. I guess you can say we are wealthy, but I don't care! I am 21. My best friends are Kathryn and Brooke. All they ever talk about is Justin Bieber. I like to call him a Beaver sometimes. I don't like him. I think he is a jerk and I just found out he lives in California, so my dad must hate me. I never really get to spend time with my dad that much because he is always working. Here are some reasons why I hate Justin Bieber:
•So cocky
•Cares about himself ONLY
•Got arrested
•Idiotic-Goes drag racing-IDIOT written all over it!!

All of the above are the exact reasons why I hate the Beaver. I will miss North Dakota, but hello Hollywood!!

We are at my house right now. Or should I say Mansion. Yeah Yeah I know spoiled rotten. But hey at least I know how to use my money wisely, not like the Beaver.


"Dad!!! Can I go to the beach!?" I yelled from downstairs.

"I am working, but yes!" He yelled back.

I got my bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, phone, and car keys.

I have a convertible, a purple one. My license plate says "Emily" my dad got it for me on my sweet 16. Which I didn't want!


I get to the beach and there is a crowd of people screaming and hollering. I ignored it and laid my towel on the ground. I sat down and took off my shirt and shorts to expose my purple and pink bikini.

"OMG, it's Justin Bieber!!" A girl yelled running towards the group.

Great! (Sarcasm)

I decided to go away from the commotion and walk towards the water for a swim.

Justin's POV💘:

After Poo Bear told everyone to back away, I saw this hot babe walking towards the water. She had the nicest ass. She had a purple and pink striped bikini.

Thank God for bikini's. I decided to walk towards her.

"Poo Bear, I'll be back, aight?"

"Aight!" He said while on his phone.

I walked over to her and checked her out.

"Hey pretty momma!" I said licking my lips.

"Oh great it's you!" She said sarcastically.

"What's your name?" I said ignoring her comment.

"Emilia, and I am not interested." She said putting her hand in my face and walking in the water.

"Do you know who I am?" I asked following her.

"Omg, you're Justin Bieber! Oh my Gosh! But I still don't care and I still am not interested!" She said.

"What!? I am Justin Drew Bieber! I get what I want! When I want it and How! And you are someone I want!!" I said grabbing her arm and bringing her close.

"Things are gonna change and don't touch me! Bad enough I have to hear my best friends talk about you! My dad had to let me move to California to live in the same place as a cocky jerk like you!" She said getting out of my grip.

"Feisty! I like!" I said, winking at her.

"Eww! Gross!" She said running into the water.

She thinks I am gonna give up? Think again!

I swam in after her! She swam fast under water. Too bad I am good at everything. I grabbed her leg and pulled her close so our faces were inches away and our foreheads were touching.

"You like me now?" I said staring at her beautiful blue eyes.

"Let me think. No!" She said backing up. Only for me to grab her, bring her back to me and kiss her.


Boom!! My new story!! Hope you liked it!!

Thanks for reading!!


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