Emilia Robertson just moved to California with her dad, Joseph. Emilia stumbles upon pop star, Justin Bieber, which she despises because of his attitude and his cockiness. She tries to avoid him but he keeps running back because she is not like other girls.

Will Justin try to win her heart?

Will Emilia give in?

Find out in "Extraordinary"!


7. Hanging Out

Emilia's POV💘:

I woke up and I wanted to stay at home today. I walked downstairs, into the kitchen. I got a bowl, spoon, milk, and favorite cereal, Apple Jacks.

While I was eating, I went on Twitter and scrolled through my feed.

I saw an invitation to this big party here in Cali by my friend Tiffany. I was debating on if I should go.

YOLO! Fine! I'll go!!

After I finished eating, I put my bowl in the sink, walked upstairs and tried to pick out a out fit for the party.

Omg! This outfit is so cute!!(at the top).

The party wasn't till 7 at night, so I have a lot of time to catch up on PLL on Netflix.

Justin's POV💘:

Right now I am in a really long meeting with Scooter and some other people. Boring!

I have been here for 3 hours already!! Someone kill me.

--1 Hour Later--

Thank God it's over! I was dying of boredom. Wait! Now what?

I guess I could go hang out with Emilia. I will try to be nice.


I am now at Emilia's.

I knocked.

"Hi." She said, annoyed.

"Why are you here!?" She said.

"Harsh. I wanted to hang out." I said leaning on the doorframe.

"No. Hell No!" She said.

"I won't try anything! I promise!" I said.

"Pinkie swear?" She said, holding out her pinkie. She is so cute.

"Pinkie swear !" I said, lifting out my pinkie and wrapping it around hers.

"Fine. Come in." She said opening her door wider for me to come in.

I walked in. "So, what are your plans for the day?" I said.

"Netflix and Party." She said, closing the front door.

"Can I come?" I asked.

"Wait! Is Justin Bieber asking for an invite? I thought he didn't need an invitation to anywhere?" She said sarcastically, while crossing her arms.

"I don't. Where is it being held?" I asked.

"Check my Twitter feed." She said walking upstairs.

I unlocked my phone, went on the Twitter app, searched for her name, and scrolled through her feed.

This is one of Tiffany Rosco's parties. They are always lit.

I followed Emilia. "Emilia?" I said, trying to find her.

"In here." She said.

I walked in the direction of her voice. I saw a rich people teenage girls room. "Nice room!" I said looking around.

"Thanks." She said on her laptop.

"So," I said plopping down on her white sheet colored bed.

"Are you rich?" I asked looking at her.

"I guess." She shrugged.

"How?" I asked her.

"My dad works for a big company so, we get all of our money from him." She said, focusing on her laptop.

"Oh. So what are you watching on Netflix?" I asked, scooting next to her so I can see her laptop screen.

"Pretty Little Liars." She said.

"Of course." I said annoyed.

"What? What's wrong with Pretty Little Liars?" She said looking at me.

"Everything! With the "A" drama and they make the dumbest decisions ever!" I said, complaining.

"Like you?" She said sassily, glaring at me.

"That was the past." I said looking away from her.

"Gotcha, Bitch!" She said starting whatever episode.

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