Emilia Robertson just moved to California with her dad, Joseph. Emilia stumbles upon pop star, Justin Bieber, which she despises because of his attitude and his cockiness. She tries to avoid him but he keeps running back because she is not like other girls.

Will Justin try to win her heart?

Will Emilia give in?

Find out in "Extraordinary"!


4. Emilia's Plan

Justin's POV💘:

Oh, I have an idea!

After Emilia went upstairs, Brooke gave me a glare.

"What?" I asked putting my hands up.

"Why were you two swallowing each other earlier?" She asked crossing her arms.

"She likes me and she knows it." I said crossing my arms.

"I have an idea, are you in?" I asked.

"Talk!" Brooke said uncrossing her arms.

"I need you to help me make her jealous. I will flirt with you and always hang around you. You in?" I asked.

"Deal. But you have to give me tickets to Ariana Grande's concert!" She said.

"Deal!" I shook her hand and we talked about how to make her jealous.

Emilia's POV💘:

I overheard Justin and Brooke's convo and I thought she was my best friend. But then again I would do the same for her.

Justin isn't the only one with a plan. I will fight fire with fire. My plan is to act jealous and then find a fake love interest.

Justin will be Justin and boys will be boys. But at the end of the day, I will always win!

The Next Day

I woke up feeling a little devious. Justin and Brooke will probably be all lovey dovey, so I am going to mingle with every good looking guy until one flirts back.

You know where to find good looking guys? HOLLYWOOD!!!

I got dressed (outfit at the top) and put on light makeup.


When I got there, I picked my head up, put a little sway in my hips, and a strut in my walk.

Soon, every guy was checking me out. I put my shades on and walked inside of Starbucks.

"Hello, welcome to Starbucks! How may I help you!?" He winked.

"Hi, can I get a Iced Macchiato with 2 teaspoons of sugar, please?" I winked.

"Anything, for you!" He said.

On his name tag read Jacob and I knew a guy named Jacob once. Wait it's him!

"Jacob Henry?"

"Yeah!?" He said.

"It's me, Emilia." I said excitedly.

"Oh my god! Little Emily grew up!" His raspy voice said.

"Yep, I did!" I said, twirling!

"You like?" I asked.

"Very!" He said giggling.

"Emilia!" Someone from the behind the counter called.

"Right here!" I said grabbing my drink.

"I got to go! But let's swap numbers!" I said grabbing my phone.

"Ok!" He said, getting his phone.

After we did, I left. Justin you have no idea what's about to hit you!


When I got home, I invited Brooke over and she asked if Justin could come. I said yes and called Jacob. I asked if he could come over and he said he just got off.

Tonight is gonna be so fun!

Drama is bout to start!!🤐🤐
Thanks for reading!💕


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