Emilia Robertson just moved to California with her dad, Joseph. Emilia stumbles upon pop star, Justin Bieber, which she despises because of his attitude and his cockiness. She tries to avoid him but he keeps running back because she is not like other girls.

Will Justin try to win her heart?

Will Emilia give in?

Find out in "Extraordinary"!


9. About Last Night

Emilia's Room(at the top)💘
Emilia's POV💘:

I woke up with the biggest headache ever. I walked to my bathroom and took some Tylenol pills to ease the pain.

I called Brooke to ask what happened last night. It rung two times until she answered.

"Hello?" She answered, with a morning voice.

"Hey Brooke, do you remember what happened last night and how we got home?" I asked.

"Uh....No!" She said.

"Do you wanna come over?" I asked.

"Sure let me get dressed." She said, with some shuffling in the background.

"Ok, bye." I said.

"Bye." She said and I hung up.


I know what you are thinking! "Why the hell is this so short!?"

Well if you calm down I can tell you!! I want to show her outfit that she has on that day, ok!?

Thanks for reading!💕


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