Short Stories

This book is basically short stories created by song lyrics!

* I accept song requests!


5. Sober - Selena Gomez








We fall for each other at the wrong time
Only for a moment, but I don't mind


"Babe! There you are! I missed you soooo much!"

I placed the dishes down gently before turning around where the familiar figure stood, slurring incoherent words under his breath as he approached me. He proceeded to drape his arms around my waist, leaving sloppy kisses along my cheeks and neck.

"Damien.." I muttered gently trying to pry his hands off of me.

"You're sexy, like really really sexy. You're too sexy," Like always his hands cupped my face, his somewhat red eyes boring into my brown ones, "I really am glad to have someone like you."

"Really?" I choked out, a lump forming in my throat at the words that I've been yearning to hear by him, not his drunk mind speaking, but his heart.

"Really. You're amazing, pretty, and funny. What more can I ask for? I have all that I need right here."  He whispered, his breath reeking of alcohol but at the moment I didn't mind. This is the only time I hear what I want to from him. I close my eyes and hold my breath for a moment trying to make myself believe that he's not drunk and that he means everything he's saying at the moment. I want myself believing that he's pouring out his heart the way he used to at night after a good time spent together.

From this point on, I would always ignore his red eyes, his bags under his eyes and his sleep deprived face. My eyes would focus on his pink chapped lips the only thing that stayed the same, it's what keeps me from leaving. Sweet words and compliments slurred into my ear, he knows it's what I like to hear. He knows it makes me weak in the knees, that it causes tingles down my spine, that those words are like heavy weights to me, that it will force me to stay because he knows just how weak I am to them. I've come to the point where I just don't care and I let myself fall for him all over that night.


Guess I don't know where to draw the line, the line, the line
And we'll play the same game every night


His hands begin roaming my stomach up to the side of my breasts, his other arm pressing my body against his more, securing me more each time.

"Damien - I- You should really go res - " I get caught off by my own moan breaking through. His lips start to attack my neck roughly his hands cupping my boobs.

"Damien, re-really." A sudden whine ripples through my throat as he begins to suck harshly on my neck.

I hate this as much as I love it. I hate how rough he is with me even when he's drunk but I also love it because it shows how much he wants me. I hate how I can't tell him to stop without growing weak by his touch. But I love how he touches me the way he won't when he's sober.

"I love you." He desperately says while taking his shirt off and throwing it to the ground. Like every night this happens either way. For a second my eyes takes of the sort of see through blindfold and halts.

"Damien, no! Calm down, okay? You really need to r-rest, we could do th-this some other t-time, just not now."

His lower lip pokes out and his body slumps a little, "But why?"

Why? You're asking me, why? I should be asking you, "why?''  Why don't you whisper these things to me when you're sober? Why don't you hold me close like you do when you're drunk? Why don't you kiss me the way you do when you're drunk? Why don't you appreciate me when you're sober? Why don't you tell me you love me when you're sober? Why don't you have the need to make love to me when you're sober?

Why can't you love me when you're sober?

"Because... no." I say averting my gaze from his pout to the wall behind him. I scold myself mentally - as usual - at the weak and stupid excuse I give him, waiting for him to do what he always does.

Convince me.



Up in the clouds
Yeah, you know how to make me want you
When we come down
Oh I know, yeah I know, it's over

"Baby, please." He hums out pulling me in closer, "I want to feel what I was gifted with. I need your body close to mine because without you I'm just a loser with nothing valuable in their life. You make me feel special, you're the reason I'm still here."

Little did he know that I mentally recited those words as he spoke them. He has said them countless of times for me to memorize them but still it never grows old, it still lures me in to what he wants.

And he gets it. Because seconds after, our lips are moving against each other, our breaths mixing with each other. The kiss isn't good, he wants it quick, rough while I try to keep a slow pace and gently moving them against his but finally I give up and go at his pace. His fingers get a tight grip on my hair as he deepens the kiss. A small whine is muffled by the kiss, the slight pain giving me the feeling of wanting to hurl. We're both twisted in our own way whether we admit it or not. He basically forces his girlfriend - not really - to be with him. He knows how weak she is, but still he plays with her mind, loving her the moments she doesn't want him to. But she's also twisted because she's letting it happen and even though she feels pain at his touch, she still wants it. She wants it because she knows once the sunrises and all the common sense comes back to him she will no longer receive those long lasting kisses, his breathless confession, she'll get nothing in return.

It's like a make up and a breakup each day. He comes home at night telling her how lucky he is, how beautiful she is, how much he loves her. But once it's morning all he does is give her a blank stare, slightly shake his head and walk out, as if saying, "we're over."

At least up to now, until he comes back in the night where we do the same thing.


You don't know how to love me when you're sober
When the bottle's done you pull me closer,

Through the faint noise from the TV, I hear the door slam shut, "Damien? Why are you here early?"

"It's nothing, I'll be downstairs." He grumbles as he made his way down along with a pack of beer.

I forced my eyes shut and sighed, I'm in for it again aren't I?


"Selena!! Babe! Come here! Whoo!"

Sighing, I make my way downstairs where the commenter's are yelling in victory. Damien was standing up with a beer in his hand, cheering for his team. About 4 or 5 bottles were scattered around the couch some rolled over to the coffee table.

"Yes?" I softly say, scared at what he might do next.

"Babe, come here! We did baby!" He yelled while cooping me in his arms and spinning me around.

"Damien!" I somewhat giggled, it was more of those short awkward laughs.

He sat me down, his body no later close beside me and his arms draped around my waist, "What movie do you want to watch? We could watch anything you'd like."

"Um... I - I don't know. H - how about you pick?"

"No! I don't want to get up." He grumbled into my neck.

"Fine, I'll go see - . "

"No! Don't leave, stay with me." His sudden outburst immediately made me sit by his side again.

"But - "

"No. I said to fucking stay." He growled, his eyes shut and his firm grip on my waist making me wince.

"O - okay."

"Good." He mumbled not after releasing his tight grip and pulling me closer to his chest.

For some reason I wanted to make my body feel comfortable, safe when he pulled me close, but the whole time my mind told me body to stay still in case of danger. I was afraid that he would lay his hand on me - he's never done it, but he would always be close to doing it. His hands slowly made its way under my top, his finger playing with my bra.

When you like someone, you always get those goosebumps on your skin and your small hairs stand up, you know what I'm talking about right? Once your hands or arms come in contact with that person you freeze, your heartbeat increases and those bumps come on. But, you also get does bumps when you feel alarmed, scared. I want to think it's those goosebumps you get when you like the touch, not the one where you body is tense and you just want to get away. I don't want to feel this way about him, I don't want to be scared by him, but day by day, my mind tells me to run. To run away from him, but I can't.



And you're saying all the things that you're supposed to
But you don't know how to love me when you're sober.

"Fuck, you're skin is so soft. I love it. Just the way I love your curves and your lips."

His slurred words held no emotion anymore. They weren't luring me into him like before.

"I want your body on mine, just yours. I love it. I love it. I love you - I love your body."

He loves my body. Not me.


"Damien, wake up." I cooed quietly in his ear.

A groan left his lips as he shifted a little, "Shut up, let me sleep."

"You have a meeting right now, Joshua sa - "

"You looked at my messages?" He hissed out, now up and glaring at me.

"I - "

"Are you kidding me right now Selena? Stop getting in my business, stop being so clingy, god dammit!"

His blurry back faced me as he walked towards the bathroom, slamming the door shut, "He called the house phone," I whispered while looking down at my fingers, "I never touched your phone, plus your phone has a password."

The squeak of the door opening came 5 seconds later, "Selena... I'm sorry. I didn't mean i - "

"Save it," I puffed out as I made my way towards the door, "I'm going out."

"Selena, wait - please. I didn't mean it, I was jus -"

With that I shut the door on his face.


From: Dai

Selena... come back

From: Dai

I'm sorry...

From: Dai

I didn't mean those things I said..

From: Dai

Understand me, I was stressed and tired..

From: Dai

I would never say those things when I'm sober. I was just not functioning right.

From: Dai

I see  you won't respond. I'll give you time to cool off.

From: Dai



From: Dai

Selena, where did you go?

From: Dai

You're beginning to worry me.

From: Dai

Just come back. Please?

From: Dai

Babe, please come back. It's been 4 hours, don't leave me. I'll make it up to you, I promise, just please come back.


Why is it so different when we wake up?
Same lips, same kiss, but not the same touch.

Should I even go back? I know I shouldn't, this is only temporary. I perfectly know that once I get back, he'll be back to himself. He'll treat me good all day today, but tomorrow morning we'll be back to the same old thing. His back will be facing me, they won't be tangled with mine even though our bodies were close the night before. He'll get up as if nothing happen, eat then leave, he won't utter a word to me. Maybe a kiss so I would relax, but it wouldn't have the same passion to it. It'll be a simple kiss with no love behind it.

He's done it so many times. When we argue, I would leave. He would text, not call, begging for forgiveness. He would say that he would make it up. He does but only for a day. He doesn't change, he doesn't improve.


Don't you know that you do it just enough, but not enough
But I know what's next, and I want so much

"Selena! You had me worried, you were out for so long." He embraced me in a hug but I didn't return it. I just stood there.

"Let's sit."

I didn't say a word, all I did was nod.

"You have to believe me, babe. I didn't mean those words I said. I was being stupid, I wasn't thinking. I would never say those things. I don't know what I would do if you left me for good. I love you. I love you so so much."

Here we go again.  He will say the things he loves about my body, not me. His hands will begin to touch my cheek then it will appear under my shirt. He will kiss me; he will lay me down. I will protest, he will ask why, I will give a weak answer. I knew what was next.

"I love you."

He was drunk.

Up in the clouds
Yeah, you know how to make me want you
When we come down
Oh I know, yeah I know, it's over
You don't know how to love me when you're sober

When the bottle's done you pull me closer
And you're saying all the things that you're supposed to
But you don't know how to love me when you're sober

I know I should leave, I know I should, should, should
But your love's too good, your love's too good, good, good


Before I knew it, I had pushed him away. His lips parted in shock just staring as if I killed someone in front of him.

"I have to go pee." I rushed out before quickly getting away.

I was giving in again. His mouth sucking on my neck was letting my body cave in. His rough fingers rubbing my stomach and curves, his touch made me want him more.

I know I should leave, I know I should, should, should
But your love's too good, your love's too good, good, good

"Sel? Are you okay? You're taking too long."

I gasped as I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and wet kisses along my neck, "Damien..."

He pressed me against his chest, his hands exploring everywhere. I hated it, but I loved it. I sighed, not doing anything to stop him anymore.

You don't know how to love me when you're sober
When the bottle's done you pull me closer
And you're saying all the things that you're supposed to
But you don't know how to love me when you're sober


You've got a hold on me
You're like a wasted dream
I gave you everything
But you don't know how to love me when you're sober


I began to squirm underneath him my hands on his chest to push him off. I couldn't do this anymore; I can't keep doing the same things over and over again.

"Now what?" He groaned.

"I can't do this anymore, Damien."

"What?" He asked softly.

"I can't do this anymore. I can't do us anymore because there is no more us, it was gone so long ago. You do all of this on purpose, you say those things just to keep me here. You don't mean them; you never do. I hate to say it but it's the truth, I'm just wasting my time here with you. There's nothing left for us in this thing we've been calling a relationship. I tried Damien, I really did. I gave you my all, but you didn't. Since the beginning all you gave me was half of you, and it wasn't the good half. You only want me because of my body. You don't want nothing serious. And I'm sick of it. You say you didn't mean those words, that you would never say those things when you're sober, but do you ever say the things you're supposed to say when you are? No. You don't. You push me away, you treat me like a night stand; that's all I am to you and I'm done."

"Selena - "

"No. I'm done with this. I'm leaving," I said firmly, "For good."


Whoo! . I hope you guys enjoyed it! If any of you have requests don't be afraid to send me a message, I'll be glad to take them! Love all of you!

- Kryptonite890


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