Short Stories

This book is basically short stories created by song lyrics!

* I accept song requests!


2. Perfect - Selena Gomez







Different inflection, when you say my name.
Kiss me, but your kiss don't taste the same.
Is it real or am I going out of my mind?


It's happening again, isn't it? Here I am, waiting for him like always. Sitting across of nobody. That nobody used to him. When he was somebody. Placing the palm of my hand under my chin, I sighed. We were supposed to have quality time together. A small date inside of the house. He told me he would be here early and we'd spend the whole day together. Just us. No interruptions. No phones. No social media. Just us. Getting disconnected   from the media and fame. He made me go out at night to pick out the  silky dress I am currently wearing. He told me it was all about me. But is it really?

The creaking of the door echoed through the small passage making me sit up and wait to see his figure appear.

"Selena..."  His lips barely touched my forehead, leaving his minty scent  lingering.  I can't help but notice the way he says my name nowadays.  All there is to it is pain. Tiredness. Like if he has some sort of trouble saying it without looking guilty. The love that once used  to lace his voice no longer was to be heard when my name slipped out of  his thin pink lips. Once his eyes laid on me, it was as if I made him  forget all the bad, he felt some sort of relief with me. Like if I were home. But now, he just says it. The bag under his eyes are evident, his voice barely holding onto any emotions.

"I had to check in with Kyle. Just needed to make some arrangements so nothing to worry about."

He  didn't even try to hide the fact if he didn't care if I believed him  or not. Soon he noticed the food awaiting for him underneath.

"Did you do this?"

I  nodded, a small smile made its ways to his face. He took steps closer  before placing his index and middle finger under my chin to lift it up.

"Thank you."

The  sensation just wasn't the same. His slightly chapped lips didn't kiss  me with the same passion. He would barely move and when he did, it was  nothing but just kissing.
I'm being irrational aren't I? I  can't help but remember the times he used to kiss me the first year we  started dating. He would smack his lips against mine whenever he had the  chance. He mumbled an I love you after every kiss. Not anymore.  Am I going out of my mind? Am I overthinking this? Maybe he's just too  stressed. Sometimes I refuse to believe this is real. That it's all just  part of my insecurities. Is it?



Curious 'bout the company that you keep,
cause I hear you talking 'bout her in your sleep.
And now you've got me talking 'bout her in mine


  I woke up to the sound of pleads and whimpers. Slowly I rotated and faced him. Small whimpers fell from his dry lips, his eyes shut as if  being forced to.

"Please no. You can't leave me... no. I I love... please... stay. I- I love you... Alice."

Don't  you ever get that feeling? Like when you feel that your heart just  stopped for a second that feels more like a minute? The moment her name  rolled off of his heavy tongue, the rate of my heart increased. I felt the  thumping against my rib cage raging with anger, betrayal; but most of all  pain, hurt.

"Kiss me... like... you always do."

Before  I knew it, I was dragging my feet against the rug making my way  downstairs. Laying down, I wrapped the blanket I brought along and tried  to sleep to forget momentarily what was said. Soon enough my eyelids  became heavier, closing off my vision into a dark abyss. Not long enough  she appeared. Straddling him, leaving soft sensual kisses along  his neck. His eyes fluttered closed, small moans vibrating from his  chest.

"Stay with me, I love you and I know you do too. Just stay with me."

She  was now looking directly at him, as if trying to decipher everything he  was thinking of, trying to get into his mind so he would cave into her.  He bit his lip and said;

I will

He  smashed his lips against her, kissing her like she meant the world to  him. He kissed her with love and passion. Like she was his most prized  position. He kissed her, like he used to kiss me.


I said, why Alice? Who is she? Why?


Ooh, and I bet she has it all
Bet she's beautiful like you, like you
And I bet she's got that touch
Makes you fall in love, like you, like you


A night of hopeless pleads, murmurs, all begging a girl to stay. Instead of waking him up and cry, I snuggled closer to him. During the first year he would whispers sweet nothings to me until I fell asleep, he would tell me how beautiful I was. His fingers would run through my slightly tangled hair, his heart racing and his arms secured around me. If I was beautiful, what was she? An angel? A goddess?

He told me that whenever he kissed me, he fell in love more. How about her kisses? Are they worth much more? Just her touch probably does it. He must me dreaming of being by her side, kissing her, touching her. Here I am craving for his touch, the touch I always want.



I can taste her lipstick and see her laying across your chest
I can feel the distance every time you remember her fingertips



"Babe?" His voice laced with tiredness, "Why are you awake?"

"Just... thinking. Don't worry."

I gave him a painful kiss before turning away, facing the other side but still pressed against him. Licking my lips, I could taste an unfamiliar taste. It didn't have a specific taste; but that's how lipstick tastes. And I knew it wasn't mine, I rarely wore it. It was hers. The image of her on top of him, running her hand down his body leaving trails of kisses on his stomach made me feel nauseated.

I came back to reality, his arms just hanging on my hip, not even holding me close, his arms just there. I felt him scoot back, as if I was getting in the way of him holding on to the memory of her touch. He couldn't have her because he had something obstructing his way. Me. Because of me, he has to remember her touch, he can't just feel her whenever he wants because I'm here. He wants to remember it, but it all goes away when he touches me; and he doesn't like it.



Maybe I should be more like her
Maybe I should be more like her
I can taste her lipstick, it's like I'm kissing her too


And she's perfect
And she's perfect


I saw her. Red hair, big baby blue eyes, pale skin and an angelic laugh. I followed him; I know I shouldn't have, but I just needed the truth. When he saw her, his whole mood picked up, he didn't seem tired; he squeezed her gently and pressed his lips against her glossed lips.

She wore a simple purple crop top, leggings and vans. Simple; and I hated it. Why couldn't she be those fake girls? Why couldn't she be one of those girls who showed too much skin? I want to hate her, but I can't.

She's perfect, better than me. Her eyes could just captivate someone from afar, they called unwanted attention. Maybe I should be like her and dress like her right? But the thing is, I do dress like her. Except she's flawless, might not be to her, but to everyone else she was.

Was I not good enough? Did my eyes bore him? My hair? My voice? I would do anything to keep him with me; just for me. My head spins when I kiss him, her perfume lingers on his clothes, his lips having a hint of a faded strawberry taste. With what face could he come home after seeing the one he actually wants and kiss the girl he's just leading on? The one he feels pity for?


How does she touch you? Can I try it, too?
I know you're twisted, but baby, I'm twisted, too
I wanna know how she could make a man lose his mind.


They entered a small cafe, that was hidden from most daylight. His arms clung around her shoulder as her hand rubbed his back. Once they ordered, they sat down; laughing and smiling. Her hand smoothly went to his knee; somewhat giving it a massage. His eyes clouded with simple admiration. He kissed her softly; a kiss that shows that the guy actually wants to be with you.


I sat at the couch gazing at the black screen TV. The A/C turned off bringing a total wave of silence. The house was dead; no laughter, no talking, no playing around, nothing. A full breeze hit my cheeks as the front door shut. Red tinted cheeks, red nose and disheveled hair. Breathless.


Without any use of my brain, I went up to him and let my hands roam his stomach.

"What are you doing?" He asked confused, slightly flinching at my touch, "Stop it. You're making me feel uncomfortable." This time his pushed my hands away and backed away.

"Are you ok? What's wrong with you?"

He was upset. Angry. What was I thinking? What am I thinking? Why am I still with him? He's acting like I'm the other girl, or the "tempter." The girl that will make him cheat on his lover. I should be allowed to touch him like that, I always have. But now, I can't even give him a pat on the back without him flinching and backing away not so discretely.

"Nothing... I - I'm fine."


With the smell of her perfume
I could love her, too, like you, like you
And I can almost hear her laugh
Curving on her back for you, for you


"I didn't mean to scare you."He barely said as he approached me.

I stood where I was; staring at him blankly as he came closer and "hugged"me. Her sweet vanilla scent filled my nostrils as I leaned onto him.


- Flashback from earlier that day-

"Stop it."

"What?" He chuckled.

"You're breathing hard on me."

"What, I can't breathe now?"He scoffed teasingly, "I see how it is. And here I thought this was true love. I was thinking of marrying you! But how can I want to marry someone who wants me dead?!"

The petite red head threw her head back and slightly curving her back as she let out a melodic string of laughter. A genuine smile broke on his face, no loner after he stopped and kissed her sweetly, both of them smiling through the tender kiss.

He was in love.


"Hey, what's wrong? Why are you pushing me away?"

I almost scoffed at the boy in front of me; acting all innocent, making it look like I'm the one who's being distance.

"I'm not. I just - I just need to take a rest, I'm - I'm tried." I stuttered out quickly before shakily making my way to my room. Not ours, but mine.


I can taste her lipstick and see her laying across your chest
I can feel the distance every time you remember her fingertips
Maybe I should be more like her
Maybe I should be more like her
I can taste her lipstick, it's like I'm kissing her, too
And she's perfect


I can see her body rushing into you
Crashing on your skin
Burning within, burning so deep, deep
On your skin, skin next to me
She's crashing on your skin
Settling in, burning so deep, deep
On your skin, skin while you sleep,


The cold drips of water splashed against the white sink. I slowly lifted my head to be met with the monster that is my reflection. With swollen eyes, a slightly pink nose tip, and droopy eyes; it's the way I've been looking for days, even weeks. Yeah, because him; but it's my fault. I take the blame because I'm hurting myself. I know he's cheating on me, I know he doesn't love me back; still I stay with the man that loves another woman.

I took a deep breath as I twisted the knob and headed back to the room where he laid. Through the dark, I blindly made my way to my side of the bed. Instead of laying down, I sat and closed my eyes.

The red haired girl smiled sweetly, her hands on her hip as her feet brought her closer to the sleeping boy. She took a seat next to him, running her fingers though his smooth dark brown hair. She gently crawled on top of the unconscious boy leaving red lipstick stains along his neck down to his chest.

She lifted her head up from his chest and glared at me before smashing her faint red lips to his chapped ones. She began to grind on him letting her hands go down to his v-line. Suddenly she stopped and leaned towards me.

"He's mine." she hissed.

I gasped quietly, breaking away from the living nightmare. At my side was the man I loved, sleeping peacefully, looking innocent. But he was far from that.

I needed to stay away from him, I needed to call it off. I can't stay here knowing that the person I love is having an affair behind my back, I have to stop the pain I'm bearing to. It's my choice. To keep on hurting and watching the one I love giving his love to someone else and hope for one day for him to love me again; or to just leave from the source of my pain and move on with my life. My future was left on my hands.


I can taste her lipstick and see her laying across your chest
I can feel the distance every time you remember her fingertips
Maybe I should be more like her
Maybe I should be more like her
I can taste her lipstick, it's like I'm kissing her, too
And she's perfect.


"Hey..." He quietly giggled, "How are you still awake?"

I looked up at the dimpled boy who was giggling at my resisting face, "Yeah, so what? You have a problem with that?" I said teasingly.

"Yes, I do. We need to get some sleep. You need to be well rested."

I smiled against his chest giving it kisses here and there before gagging slightly, "Bleh, remind me to never kiss you with lipstick, it tastes nasty."

He laughed, "You're fault babe."

I  sat up and glared at him, "What? You told me that my lipstick stain was a work of art, I didn't believe you so you made me do them on your chest so I can see. Therefore, it was your idea." I huffed while crossing my arms in a childish manner.

"Mhm, sure babe."His voice laced with sarcasm.

I tried keeping a stern face, but that small smile crept its way to my face, "Come here." He brought his soft lips against mine but I pulled away gently and giggled.

He whined, "Babyy. Girl let me love youuu!"He sang, sticking his hand out in the air then pulling it back towards his chest.

"Shut up you dork. Let me just - , "I took my sleeve and wiped his lips that had a hint of the stale taste of the lipstick, "There we go. Now kiss me you dork."

Smiling we both connected our lips midway. His bottom lip gliding against my upper lip softly, gently. It was like he just wanted to enjoy the moment we had together, to never let go.

He pulled away slightly; his twinkling eyes boring into mine lovingly, "You're perfect, don't ever change. I love you."

I smiled widely at the confession he found himself saying endlessly, "I love you.. so much." I whispered back.

With that being said, I kissed my new boyfriend of now 3 years. The one that after so long told me how much he loved me day after day. The one who thought I was perfect.


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