Short Stories

This book is basically short stories created by song lyrics!

* I accept song requests!


4. Meridians- Greyson Chance








Let's go take a drive and think about our lives
Passing through meridians of greater times
I was on a different road
But now I've found my home
Within you



"Greyson?" Her raspy voice coming through the line, "Wha - Why are you calling at this time? Is something wrong?"

"Come outside."

"What? Greyson, what is going on?"

I could hear shuffling from the other side, making me think to myself how if you call someone at an usual time, they take it as if something bad happen. What if they just called to remind them how much they mean to them? Why do we automatically think it is associated with something bad? But knowing how I would call her at these times because of problems, I'm not surprised at how alerted she sounds.

"Don't worry, nothing is wrong. I just want you to come down."

"If my parents catch me, I'll find my way out and kill you." She "threaten."

Chuckling at her attempt of sounding intimidating, I saw her room lighting up for a moment, "I'll be there." She whispered before hanging up. 

Minutes later, I saw the brunette come out with her pajamas and a pair of converse sneaking from her bedroom window. She took one last glance back before sprinting towards the car.

"God, Greyson," She heaved out, "This better be important."

"It is important for me to spend time with you. We are going to take a drive. I want us to just relax and enjoy the moment we have together, okay?"

She hugged her own body and nodded. I never really cared of the silence that fell between us, if I'm being honest, I always enjoyed it. It was never one of those uncomfortable ones. She would lay her head on my shoulder, hold my hand as her thumb rubbed my knuckled lovingly. Even the day we met, it wasn't really an awkward silence, it was as if we were just comfortable around each other, we felt our anxiety in what we had to do leave because we had each other, we just didn't know it yet.

"Remember when we were in sophomore year, and we had to do a presentation in Biology concerning cancer?" She said with a small smile etched on her face.

"Not really. I always try to block out those times when I had to present something."

"Well, that was the time I knew I had feelings towards you or at least some sort of interest."

I quickly took a glance at her, her cheeks turned a light shade of pink through the dark, her hair falling down to slightly cover them. She was looking through the window, avoiding my glance as she bit her bottom lip.

"We were paired up along a girl who was really shy. I remember she started to shake because she didn't want to present and just the thought of her going up there and messing up made her even more nauseous. You- you told her she didn't have to go up if she didn't want to, that you'll do her slides. It amused me because I knew you hated to speak in front of others, that you got almost just as nervous as she did, but still you put her feeling after yours. You didn't want her to go through something she didn't want to. Even though it's not always good to do, I admired the way you were willing to go through that yourself than having her go through it. "

"Wow,"I chucked and for something out of breath, "So all the times I tried to impress you, it didn't, but when I did something without planning for it, you liked it?" I joked.

Her melodic laughter filled the car, making it better than just driving with music on. But she didn't know, she only knew that I loved her, just not what I love about her. She was always insecure about her body and her personality and I know its sounds super cliché, but that was what I loved most about her. I loved the way her brown wavy hair looked good at all times, even though it could be tangled but I didn't care. I always found it cute how when she found something really funny, she would throw her head back carelessly and allowed her laughter take over. It would sometimes get to the point where her eyes would tear up and she'd excuse herself to go pee. But what I loved the most was when she laughed, or even just smiled widely was the crinkles that formed around her eyes, she would close her eyes and just have a genuine smile.

I loved how she would always be there when I needed her the most. She would appear at my window with whatever she had on that moment and embrace me with her warmth. She would take my key with confidence, ignoring my offers of driving. She'd drive until we got to the public library that was about 18 minutes away and drive back. All through out that drive, she'd take my hand with her free one and speak words that would always come to mind when I would be at the verge of doing something stupid. What really stopped me was these things that I'm saying, remembering all of these things stop me.

The place you live isn't always home, it's just a roof for you. A place you stay because you have nothing else left. But lately I found myself saying to myself that I do have a home.

And she has a name, Selena.


We can kill some time and watch movies all night
Later we'll be talking as the sky turns light
Every morning spent with you
Cause every night I love the truth

"Go to my house. I'm in the mood of watching a movie." She had said interrupting our mini concert we were having.

"But your parents are home, aren't they?"

"Yes, that's why we have to be quiet."

Now, we were both covering each others mouths to contain any laughter that would slip, her small hands clamped over mine and my hand over hers. We were both tangled up in her covers with her laptop on our laps and earbuds on. We were in this same position for most of the movie until it ended.


"Guess we've stayed up again. Not surprising anymore." I whispered in her ear.

"That's true, but you know what? I don't care if I lose my hours of sleep. All I care is that we spend it together, because wasting it without you wouldn't be the sam - actually never mind. I'd still enjoy staying up with my phone."

"You're mean, I don't like you." I huffed and crossed my arms plus scooting away from her.

A small squeak left her lips which she immediately shut down, "Come."

Putting the laptop to the side, I wrapped my arms around her, stuffing my face in her neck.

"Hey," she whispered shakily, "please don't do this... you know it's tickles me." She somewhat pleaded.

"I know, which is why I like doing it. I like hearing your laugh."

"I'd say aw, that you're cute, but now you're dumb because my parents could hear."

"Hey! - "

"Hush!" she whispered-shouted while slapping my arm.

"You know when I was younger, I would always think that kisses that were shared in movies or TV series were fake. That the actors would kiss an object than the editor would join the two parts to make it seem like they were kissing."

"Ha, yours seems more logical than mine... at least in child logic. I guess you can say mine was more dirty though."

I smiled down at her, half her face lit from the moonlight, her eyelashes touching her eyebrows as she looked up and remembered her past.

"When I was about 10 or 11 , I would always hear my cousins talk about their boyfriends. There was a specific day when I went over my cousins house and her friend was also there. The girl was talking how when she sat on her boyfriend's lap, he got a boner. I have heard that term before, all I knew was that boys would get it when they got "turned on," and now that I remember I thought girls got it too. The thing is, I thought a boner was a bone that would poke out from above your hip." She closed her eyes while chuckling to herself and shaking her head at her dumb thought as a child.

That's all our nights were, talking about the good things. Things that would one way or the other bring a smile to each others face. I always treasured the talks I had with her, either it be just random talk or deep ones, at the end of each night when I was without her, I would remember them and it would be as if she was there with me. And somehow I would always fall asleep with a smile printed on my face.

Beside the talks, that wasn't fully what made me smile at night, it was what we said once we were ready to drift of to sleep.

"I love you, Sel." I'd whispered, holding her closer to my chest.

"You mean a lot to me..." She'd whisper back.

And even though she wouldn't say it back, I knew that those words were a code for those three words I wanted to hear back. I didn't want to pressure her because I knew it was hard for her to say it.
But what mattered to me was that she said the truth. She wanted to say it when she actually meant it, I prefer her take years for her to finally say it than to have her force it out.


The timing never felt so right, this feeling's unknown
My love as a meridian continues to grow


It was only matter of seconds - it feels like it - and it's now February, the 14th to be exact. The time where everyone displayed their love more just because of that day, when really we should always treat our loved ones like that. We should always value our family and friendships not just because there is a specific day that says to do it.

Back when Selena and I were just friends, she told me that she didn't really like Valentine's Day. If she got a boyfriend, she would just want to stay home and eat pizza. Who knew that's come in handy, huh? We've done the same thing for 2 years, now I think I'll change it up just a little.


"I see your parents aren't home." She pointed out as she took off her vans.

"Yeah, they went on a small vacation."

"Did you get the pizza already?"

She plopped herself on the couch, sprawling her legs and arms, "No, actually. Today we will be eating Chinese food. Just to make it more special."

Her figure sat up as she stared at me, completely emotionless which scared me because maybe she just wanted the same old thing, pizza. Did I go too far?

"Or we could eat that another day and just pizza if you want, I just thou - "

"I love you."

My mouth fell slightly agape, I didn't know if what I heard was just a trick my mind was playing on me or... I'm thinking to much of it, that's it. She'll say it when she means it.

"Wha - "

"I love you, I love you for being you. I love how you're different than the others. The little things means so much to you and I like that because I know that for others it means nothing. And I find it really cute how you switched the food for some reason. For a moment I thought you were going to take me out, which I wouldn't mind, but the only change was the food. It might seem like a small change, but I liked it and I love you."

All I could do at the time was admire at the women I had in front of me, the one I knew was perfect for me. The one I was sure I'd want all my life. They one that day by day, my love grew for, there were no limits for it.

Even if I don't exactly like Valentine's day, all I could say is, what better day then to confess your love for one. When I'm old and start to forget about things, I won't forget this one. I'll look back and say, "It was on the 14th."Now every February 14th, I'll remember this day, this time, this moment.



Oh the lines they used to say
What type of life we lived
But now we're creating them


When someone has constant problems in life, they start to tell themselves that everything else in their life will go the same. That if their path now seems to be going through a downhill, it will always be like that, that there will never be a moment in their life that they'll go through an uphill. That's somewhere where we're all wrong, we shouldn't let our paths, the lines that we have now define what we'll be in the future. If at the moment you have problems, don't think that that's how it will always be, because it won't. The only ones who have access to our future are us. What we do now will show up in the future. If you decide to stay the same and not do anything with the problems you have now and just lay their and lament everything, nothing will really change. You have to make those uphills, you don't always have to be drowning in misery.

At one point in my life, I would always think that I will always have bad luck surrounding me. That I would have the same problem surrounding me, but now I look back and realize that I was all wrong. We ourselves make our own lines as we live, we don't have a path set for us. Maybe we do, you can say we have two paths. We have the one where we just walk in shame and carry all the luggage we could have dropped along the way, and that's how we'll end. We'll die because we didn't let go of them and we kept tormenting ourselves with these stuff, keeping those same feelings from before and ending our own life. But we also have the good path, the one where we still go through terrible things, but this time instead of adding to the weights we carry, we drop them off along the way, some quickly while others drop them off little by little. Still, we make our lives better and end how we want to end.

That's what I did. Little by little, I began to try to forget all my problems, solve them, that's the only way to get rid of them. And sometimes you need someone by your side to get through it, whether it be a family member, a friend or just a loved one. For me it was her, she taught me how to forget, how to believe in myself more. Now, saying this I'm not saying that you need someone there, you could do it yourself, there are just some that need that extra push.


We're flying to another time
Our lives, they've been circled, been entwined
Kiss my lips and take me there
To heights unheard of, thoughts unreal
You're so unreal


"We have the house to ourselves?" I asked once I saw that there were no car parked at her house, only mine.

"Yeah, my parents went to a retreat from church. They told me I could have you over just no dirty things. You can stay if you want, my mom was telling me that Brian had some clothes that had shrunk, he offered for you to wear them."

"You know, as much as I'm glad I receive new clothes, I worry for Brian because he keeps shrinking his clothes."I said laughing slightly.

"I know, he just wants to prove that he could too do what my mom does."She said playfully rolling her eyes.

When I first met Selena's parents, I was terrified. But as time went by, I learned that they genuinely liked me and proved it more along the way.


Everything felt so unreal when I kissed her.

I would gently grip onto her hip with one hand while the other touched her cheek. Her kisses made me melt into her, it made me what to do whatever she wanted me to do. It made me feel like if I were in cloud nine, like if my feet weren't touching the ground. It was as if I weren't in this room anymore. Each time she gently bit my bottom lip, it made me want to hold her closer, it was as if we were the only ones alive in this world.

All this and more from just having her plump lips move against mine.

And it's honestly funny, I would feel superior because I got to kiss the most beautiful girl in the world. I felt like nothing had a limit for me, that I could do anything. That challenges were nothing but plain easy. All because of her.


Let's go take a drive and think about our lives
Passing through meridians of greater times
Greater times
Greater times




"Come outside."

"What? But it's cold out - fine. Just let me bundle myself good."

"Please do, don't want you getting sick now do we?"

"If I do it'll be your fault." She said before hanging up.

After 5 minutes, my flawless girlfriend came out with a big coat and boots, battling as she walked towards my car in the snow.

"This better be good." She said slightly out of breath. Her cheeks and the tip of her nose were red. She rubbed her hands together to create warmth but at the same time putting it closer to the heater.

"It will, for me it's important to spend time together."

She laughed, "Of course it is... Remember our first date? It was somewhat like today."

"Of course I do, it was the best time of my life. It was the moment I knew that I would love you forever and that my love would grow greater each day. I will love you forever."

"Forever is a long period of time." She whispered smiling.

"I know, that's what I want. We've been through a lot those 3 years, they've just proven that you're the one for me, that I will love you unconditionally."


So that's all for Meridians! It's actually a very relaxing song to listen to. This was requested by someone who really wanted me to do it. Again if any of you have a request, just send me a message and I'll be happy to do it! You can tell me who you specifically want the main characters to be. For this request she wanted these two characters together, so just tell me who you want me to include. Love you all and thanks for reading!

- Kryptonite890


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