Star Trek X: Traitor Hunt

People within Starfleet Command are selling secrets and weapons to a third party and it is up to Gabriel and Mystique to find them and who they are selling to, only to encounter two enemies they both do not expect.


9. 9

The Yorktown continued to orbit Yenta IV when Gabriel and Raven materialized in the transporter room wearing their Starfleet uniforms as Lt. Commander Malone waited for them.  Once they stepped off the transporter pads Malone approached them and said, “Sir, Starfleet Command is on the line and waiting for you.” Gabriel replied, “We’ll take it here Lt.  If you and the transporter chief won’t mind waiting outside.” The transporter chief and Malone looked at each other puzzled before she turned back to Gabriel and replied, “Yes sir.” They both walked out the transporter room and once the doors closed Raven pressed the lock button and Gabriel turned on the wall monitor next to the transporter console.  The screen turned on and showed a grey haired African American admiral and Gabriel said, “You wish to speak to us Admiral Luckily?” Luckley replied, “Yes captain, we have read your reports of what Commander Darkholme has seen and heard during the conference and when your commander infiltrated Goron’s office and we are very disturbed by the reports.” Gabriel said, “Yes sir, it looks HYDRA has infiltrated the science and weapons divisions within Starfleet and who knows what other experiments or research they have their hands on.” Raven cut in and said, “They also have a facility in the southern frozen continent on Termini where they are building more of those UAV’s and who knows what else.” Luckley said, “Perfect place to also conduct experiments with no one asking questions, good work!” Gabriel said, “Thank You sir.” Luckley said, “From now on the rest of the mission will be taken care of by SHIELD.”  Raven said, “But sir it....” Gabriel said, “Sir I think it would be wise if we go because Magneto appeared and we’re not sure what his agenda is in this situation.” Luckley said, “I’m sorry captain but your commander knows Magneto far too well and we don’t want to jeopardize the mission.  Instead we are giving you a new assignment where you are to head to Myzran III as one of our starships has detected an energy spike in one of the construction yards that is supposed to be inactive.” Gabriel said, “We will investigate it admiral.” Luckley said, “I’m sending you the coordinates, good luck captain.” A small piece of paper appeared next to the monitor with numbers on it as it was printed and Gabriel tore out the sheet of paper and Raven said angrily, “I can’t believe you are just going to let them pull us out from completing the mission!” Gabriel turned to her and said, “Unfortunately it is not our call.  I don’t know if you realized this from past experience but they don’t tell us everything, even the higher ups.  That’s why we do what they tell us and prepare ourselves in can we’re double crossed.” Raven looked at him worriedly and said, “You thin we’re being setup?” Gabriel looked at her grimly and said, “No, but we must be ready.  After all, the relationship between the Federation and Zhargosia does not look good and Zhargosia is just finding an excuse to arrest us.” He and Raven exited the transporter room and the transporter chief went back inside while Malone waited and Gabriel said, “Ms. Malone set course to the Myzran system, warp factor four.” Malone replied, “Aye sir.” She left and Gabriel turned to Raven as he stretched his back and said, “Now if you don’t mind commander, I’m going to get some rest.” Raven looked at him with a sour face and said, “What if I do mind?” Gabriel said, “Then too bad.  Report to the bridge commander.” Raven huffed angrily and stormed away as Gabriel smirked and made his way to his quarters.


    The Yorktown streaked across space and slowed down as it approached Myzran III.  Gabriel is sitting in the command chair as he watched the main viewer as they approached the planet and he said, “Standard orbit Ms. Malone.” Malone pressed a few buttons on her console and said, “Standard orbit achieved sir.” Gabriel turned to communications and said, “Comms, notify Myzran planetoid Control of our presence and request permission for tow of our personnel to beam to the surface on an urgent matter of Starfleet.” Comms replied, “Yes sir.” Gabriel turned forward and waited till comms replied, “Sir, they acknowledged and accepted your request.” Gabriel stood up and said, “Excellent.  Ms. Darkholme, you’re coming.” Raven replied, “Yes sir.” And she followed him to the turbo lift and as soon as the doors closed and Malone assumed the command chair she whispered to herself, “I swear they love dumping the responsibility of this ship on me.”

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