Star Trek X: Traitor Hunt

People within Starfleet Command are selling secrets and weapons to a third party and it is up to Gabriel and Mystique to find them and who they are selling to, only to encounter two enemies they both do not expect.


7. 7

Outside the same apartment they left earlier, Gabriel landed on the balcony and let Raven go as she stood back to catch her breath as Gabriel stood close by.  Gabriel said calmly but firmly, “What happened?  Why was Magneto there?” Raven transformed to her non-mutant form wearing street clothes as she looked up at Gabriel and said, “I don’t know, but at least he is not in league with Goron.” Gabriel looked puzzled and said, “Who is Goron?” Raven replied, “The Orion.  He and Golov, the Telluride, are selling cloaked, stealth UAV’s that would make them impossible to detect either from the sky or merely just above you.” Gabriel said, “Do you have the location of where they are holding those drones?” Raven replied, “No, but I got the location of Goron Industries Headquarters.” Gabriel sighed and said, “Well that’s a start.” He went inside and picked up the phone and said, “Room Service?” Raven looked at him shocked and said, “Wait!  We are...” Gabriel held a finger up to silence her and said, “Yes a Dio Quiote, the best you got.  This is Captain Trill, Colonel Min’s chief security detail, I am waiting in case he shows up to apprehend him.  Thank You.” He hung up and said (as Raven looked at him impressed), “I need a drink, especially what we went through today.” He went to the bathroom and closed the door as Raven sat at the edge of a soft chair till she heard the sound of a transporter and Raven looked alert and was about to stand up till Gabriel came back out wearing a dress uniform that is equivalent to what the real Captain Trill wore as he stood earlier.  Raven ignored his new look and said, “How were able to fly like that when you fought against Erik?” Gabriel sat in the soft chair as he placed his right hand at the small of Raven’s back and said, “As the crew of the Yorktown was looking for you at Terminar, I had some training with someone who has a lot of experience with flying and other abilities that I possess.” Raven said, “May I ask who taught you?” There is a knock on the door outside and Gabriel got up and answered it while Raven stayed away from view till Gabriel came back and closed the doors behind him as he held a bottle of wine and two glasses.  He popped the wine bottle with ease and poured himself and Raven a glass before handing it to her and she said (with a hint of frustration), “Now what should we drink to?” Gabriel said, “How about still being alive?” Raven smirked and made a short laugh and said, “I’ll drink to that.” They toasted and drank while Raven drank quickly and sat the glass down and said, “I’m taking a shower.” She walked away and transformed into her blue form as Gabriel watched with a smirk on his face as he continued to drink the wine from his glass, savoring each drink, as he stood relaxed when he heard the shower starting.  After a few moments Raven yelled out, “Are you going to join me or sit there sipping on your wine?” Gabriel smirked and set his glass down before heading towards the bathroom and removing his top before he opened and the closed the door.

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