Star Trek X: Traitor Hunt

People within Starfleet Command are selling secrets and weapons to a third party and it is up to Gabriel and Mystique to find them and who they are selling to, only to encounter two enemies they both do not expect.


4. 4

Gabriel wakes up as the alarm goes off and when he reaches over Raven to turn the alarm off he notices Raven is in her blue form lying on top of him and looks like she is still asleep.  He runs his hand over her red hair and said, “Come on Raven, time to get up.” Raven moans in protest and Gabriel said, “Do you want me to throw you off?” Raven moans, “I dare you.” Gabriel smirks at her in reply and after a few moments Raven sighs and says, “Fine.” Raven gets up, grudgingly, and goes into the bathroom as Gabriel gets dressed back into his suit and when Raven comes out, she is already transformed into Colonel Min.  Gabriel reaches into his pocket and says, “Here’s your ear piece.” He then hands her a small ear piece and she puts it in her left ear and said, “Where will you be?” Gabriel replied, “On a rooftop with a sniper rifle, in case we have to go to plan B.  In case our comms is compromised we will use code names just to be safe.” Raven said, “What should I call you?” Gabriel smirked and replied, “Gabriel is good enough.” Gabriel then pulls out Min’s briefcase from under the nearby table and the invitation note and gave them to Raven when there is a knock on the front door.  Raven spoke in Min’s language that he is coming and the person outside said something in Min’s language and Raven replied in kind and Gabriel looked concerned and said, “Is there a problem?” Raven replied, “They’re wondering where the guards are and I told him they’re in here helping me gather my things.” Gabriel patted her on the shoulder and said, “Good Luck Raven.  I’ll be watching you from a distance and listening to what’s happening.” Raven replied, “Got it.” As she headed towards the doors and opened one of them, but before she left she looked back at Gabriel and he raised his left hand and gave her a thumbs up as he smirked and Raven smirked and shook her head before she left and closed the door behind her.  


    Raven (disguised as Colonel Min) followed the rest of other high ranking military officials and dignitaries to a motorcade and they drove off.  As they were driven to their destination, Gabriel flew to the rooftop of a building that is five blocks away from the building where the peace summit is held and he pulled out his communicator and said, “Mr. Crossroad, do you have the package?” Saji replied, “Yes sir, beaming to your coordinates.” To Gabriel’s left a large black case materialized and Gabriel opened it to reveal a bolt action sniper’s rifle with a silencer and he removed the rifle and the parts to reveal another compartment underneath it and Gabriel smirked and said, “I like the suit.  Hopefully I won’t need it.”  He assembled the rifle and set the ammo to his left and right as he took position behind the ledge in the prone position.  He looked through the scope and saw the motorcade arrive and Gabriel said, “In position, still a green light.” He watched through the scope as a number of dignitaries and military officials walking past the cheering crowd and into the building and Gabriel saw Raven as Colonel Min and he said, “Have you in my sights, 16 blocks behind you.  You are good to go.” As they all went inside, Gabriel waited till he saw them again as they went inside a large room and sat around a large table with Raven sitting at the very end with her back to him.  Gabriel said, “Clear line of sight, except the entrance and the top half of the table.  At least I know I can’t use my x-ray vision past 16 blocks.” Raven watched as two people entered the room, a Tellarite in a military uniform, and one of them set up a briefcase portable projector as the other, an Orion in a suit, spoke for a while as the projector flipped slides and handouts were given of various blueprints and diagrams of weapons in Starfleet’s arsenal.  


    The Orion pulled out a hand held device during the briefing and looked at it oddly and moved it around the room till it pointed directly at Raven.  Gabriel looked concerned and said, “Mystique, what’s going on?” Raven said, “This has to be a mistake.” The Orion spoke and two guards (the same species as Colonel Min) stood at the ready and Raven stood up and said, “I assure you, I am not a Federation spy.” Then the two men moved towards her as the other people stood up from their seats and Gabriel said (with worry), “Mystique?” The guards grabbed hold of both of Raven’s arms and the military officials and dignitaries near her spoke angrily at each other and at the guards.  Gabriel said, “Permission to fire.” Raven then said (with a hint of satisfaction), “I got this.” He then saw her hands transform to herself and Gabriel smirked and said, “Affirmative.” She then kicked the guards and grabbed one of them as she transformed to her blue self and Gabriel watched as she knocked the guard out and kicked two more guards as she stood on her hands on the table as everyone else ran away except the Tellarite and the Orion.  She took cover behind a guard as the Tellarite drew a phaser and six more guards entered and ran towards Raven.  As they approached her they yelped in pain as they were all shot in the legs as Gabriel looked down his scope and fired a single shot each time as he quickly reloaded the action bolt rifle making precision shots each time he fired till all six guards are down and he said, “Got them.” She then flipped and kicked the guard (she was hiding behind) across the table, blocking the Tellarite’s view as she slid beneath the table towards the Tellarite and kicked the Tellarite off his feet and grabbed his phaser as she flipped over and on top of the table and pointed it directly at the Orion.  


    Gabriel looked down his scope and there is silence in his ear piece and he looked concerned and said, “Mystique report, what’s going on?” He then heard her say, “Erik?” Gabriel was surprised but did not show it and he said (with tension in his voice), “Agent Mystique what the hell is happening?”

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