Star Trek X: Traitor Hunt

People within Starfleet Command are selling secrets and weapons to a third party and it is up to Gabriel and Mystique to find them and who they are selling to, only to encounter two enemies they both do not expect.


12. 12

Gabriel flew low till they reached their destination and set Raven down on a catwalk over open tanks with different colored liquids bubbling beneath them.  They looked ahead and saw a mobile office building with a figure rummaging through a desk and Raven and Gabriel approached the building quickly but quietly.  They reached the door to the building as the figure still rummaged through the desk and Gabriel stood before the door when suddenly it flew open and a soldier in black body armor with the HYDRA logo on it appeared right in front of him with a phaser rifle drawn and on instinct Gabriel grabbed his hand and rifle with one hand and yanked the soldier out as he flew and landed hard on the catwalk behind Gabriel as he screamed and then silenced as he was knocked out.  There was a smash sound and when Gabriel looked inside he saw part of the wall behind the desk smashed out and the Red Skull started running away.  In a flash Gabriel flew and punched Red Skull in the back knocking him flat on the catwalk as the tied up file folder flew and landed in front of him.  Red Skull cringed in anger as he looked back at Gabriel and said, “You know Gabriel I was starting to like you, ever since you invaded the Federation!  You proved that this galaxy belongs to superior men like us!” Gabriel said, “You’re wrong Schmidt.  This galaxy belongs to everyone.” Red Skull pulled out his luger hidden from sight beneath his hip as the blue bolt of energy flew at Gabriel.  Gabriel immediately dodged to the right in a blink of an eye and was right on top of the Red Skull as he kicked the luger from his hand and fell into one of the open chemical tanks below.  Gabriel then grabbed the Red Skull by the collar and lifted him up with only his right hand till the Red Skull brought both his fists down and broke Gabriel’s grip and landed on his feet and immediately punched Gabriel directly in the throat with his fist as he yelled in anger.  Gabriel stumbled to his knees and grasped his throat as he struggled to breath as the Red Skull looked down at him and smiled with satisfaction before he immediately turned around, grabbed the file and continued to run away.  


    Once Gabriel regained his breath he started running after the Red Skull with Raven following him and he yelled, “Give me that file!” The Red Skull pulled out a small, round, metal device from his belt and he turned and threw it straight at Gabriel (as if it were a baseball) and Gabriel saw it flying straight towards him with a red light flashing on top and he dodged to the left only for it to explode and shine a bright, white light that blinded him while Raven covered her eyes just in time before it exploded.  When the light vanished, Raven opened her eyes and saw Gabriel kneeling and still covering his eyes as he moaned in pain.  Red Skull smiled and said, “Looks like I...” Suddenly he was hit by a bolt of blue light and he stumbled back as he was repeatedly hit.  Raven ran towards the Red Skull as she fired her phaser set to stun but is having little affect on the Red Skull as he stumbled back from the hits till after four shots Raven threw her phaser away to her right and slid on the walkway between the Red Skull’s feet while grabbing onto his left leg as he tried to punch her and she spun around and pulled his leg from beneath him, forcing him to fall forward on the walkway.  Red Skull then flipped over and kicked Raven across the face forcing her to fall on her back as the Red Skull quickly stood up and brought his right boot down towards Raven’s face.  Raven immediately rolled to her right and the Red Skull’s boot slammed onto the walkway, creating a metal footprint dent where his boot struck, as Raven rolled up onto her feet as she crouched ready to fight.  The Red Skull cringed in anger and said, “You think you can defeat me woman?” Raven said, “Let’s find out.” Red Skull smiled and said, “Unfortunately I have more important matter to attend to my lady.” He crossed his hands in front of him and pressed something hidden beneath his left cufflink of his jacket and dematerialized when suddenly someone flew right past him from behind and the file that was in the Red Skull’s hands disappeared and he looked shocked as he saw Gabriel standing behind Raven with the file in his left hand as he waved it at him, all the while smirking, and the Red Skull screamed, “NOOOOO!” In anger till he disappeared.  Once the Red Skull disappeared Gabriel looked at the file curiously and said, “I guess something in here must be important since he is angry that I took it from him.” Raven looked at him as if he was stupid and said, “No kidding sherlock.”  She then looked at the chemical tanks below her with disgust and said, “Let’s get out of here before I end up puking in one them.” Gabriel saw her disgust look and said, “Couldn’t agree with you more.” He pulled out his communicator and said, “Valkyrie to Yorktown, two to beam up!” He put his communicator away and they both dematerialized.

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