Bright Lights and Dark Nights

The city is all he's ever known, but when his family decides to visit the country, things go south.


1. "The 'Vacation'

   The rocks crushed under the tires as we drove down a gravel road. A farm came into view.

 "Are you serious?" I growled.

 "I think it looks cozy." Cole, my brother, said.

 "Is that a polite word for 'small'?" I asked.

  "Blake, loosen up." My mom sighed.

 I sighed and opened the door.

 "And why is it so hot?" I asked.

 "Because you're wearing a jacket, and it's not cold. This is pretty simple stuff." Cole smirked.

 My phone started ringing.

 "It's Lizzy again." I sighed.

 "That's the hundredth call, and we're five hours away." Cole sighed.

 "I know." I sighed and answered the phone.

 "Hey babe." I said.

 "Did you get there okay? You aren't cheating, are you?" Lizzy asked.

 "Lizzy, I'm not going to some nightclub. Even if I was, you have nothing to worry about. We're just at some farm in  the middle of nowhere."

 "Why did you even leave? You know it's my mom's birthday tonight!"

 "Please, don't start."

 "Who are you whoring around with?!" She screamed over the phone.


 "You heard me!"

 "Lizzy, I have to go." I sighed.


 I ended the call and put my phone in my pocket.

 "That didn't sound good." Cole said.

 "How did you hear that?" I asked.

 "People in China heard it." He said and grabbed his bags.

 I grabbed my suitcase and followed my family up to the door.

 A man opened the door and smiled at us.

 "There they are!" He said and hugged mom and dad.

 "Who's that?" I whispered to Cole.
 "Our uncle." He whispered back.


 "You haven't been listening to us the whole trip here, have you?"

 "How could I? Lizzy was screaming at me half of the time."

 Our uncle walked up to us.

 "Cole and Blake!" He cheered.

 "I never met you!" I cheered.

 "I remember when you were just a baby. And now look at you!" He smiled and hugged me.

 He walked over to Cole.

 "And Cole, I never met you. How are you?" He said and shook his hand.

 "Good." He smiled.

 "Good, good. Now come in! Cole and Blake, you will be sharing a room!" He smiled.

  The house was very small.

 "Logan! Come meet our guests!" A lady said.

 A tall guy walked down the stairs.

 "How are y'all?" He asked and shook our hands.

 "The lady is our aunt and he is...?" I asked, looking at Cole.

 "Our cousin, I'm guessing."

Logan led us up to our room. It was very small and dusty.

 We unpacked our suitcases and my phone started ringing again.

  "Oh, for fuck's sake." I said and Cole sat on the bed and stared at me.

 "Drama." Cole smiled.

 I answered and Lizzy started yelling at me.


 "Nobody, Lizzy. Why can't you just believe me?"

 "Don't pin this on me!"

 "I just want to know."

 She hung up.


 "Did she just..." Cole asked.

 I sighed and kept unpacking my stuff.

 "If she didn't want you to hang up, then why the fuck did she?" Cole asked.

 "Because that's just how it goes."

  "Blake, Cole! Dinner!" Our dad called.

  I grabbed my phone.

 "Blake, no."

 "Why not? Lizzy could call." I sighed.

 "She will. And then she'll scream and shout." Cole said.

  "But if I don't answer, she'll scream and shout even more."

 "Is that even possible? I think she reached the screaming limit already."

 "Look, I'm bringing my phone. A relationship takes two people." I said.

 "Blake, you're the only one trying."

 I looked at him.

 "She has no faith in you. You haven't cheated on her, ever! She takes and takes and takes and gives nothing in return but screaming and shouting." Cole said and walked downstairs.

 I sighed and put my phone in my pocket.

 When I got to the bottom of the stairs, my phone started ringing again.

 "Hi." I said.

 "Did you just say 'hi'? Just 'hi'? Stop it with your attitude, seriously."

 "Lizzy, I don't have an attitude."

 "Are you saying I do?" She growled.

 "No." I sighed and rolled my eyes.

 "Did you just sigh? Really?"

 "Look, I have to go."

 "Fine! Go enjoy your vacation, Blake! Enjoy it while I'm at home, stressed as fuck! Tell me when you're done being a  prick." 


 She hung up.

 My family stared at me.

 "Are you okay there?" My uncle asked.


 "This is a vacation, Blake. Relax." My mom said.

 "On second thought, I'm not really hungry." I said.

 "Blake..." My dad said but I already walked out of the front door.

 I slammed the door and and started walking.

 I saw a path leading down to a large pond. When I got down there, I picked up a rock and skipped it across the pond.

 A girl walked up to me.

 "Hi." She said.

 "Hi." I sighed.

 "You seem to have a lot on your mind."

 My phone rang.

  "Hi babe." I said.

 "Don't call me babe." She growled.

 "What do you want me to say?" I asked.

 "I want you to apologize for being a prick."

 "Okay, I'm sorry."


 "Lizzy, let's not get into this."

 She hung up once again.

 "Are you okay?" The girl asked.

 "I don't really have a choice." I sighed.


 "It doesn't really matter to her if I'm okay or not."

 Cole ran down to us.

 "Blake! We're riding horses! Come on!" He gasped.

 "Bye." I said and we left.

 As Cole was riding a horse, everyone stared at him.

 My phone rang. 

 "Hi." I said.

 "Blake, tell me now. Do you love me?" 


 "I don't think you do."

 "I do. Why don't you believe me?"

  "I just don't." She sighed.

 I stood in silence.

 "Did you really just say that?" I growled after a few seconds passed.

 "I knew you had an attitude!" She shouted.

 "Yeah, I do. All you've been doing is shouting and screaming at me for no reason. I try my best to prevent fights from  happening or stop them from continuing. I'm breaking inside, Lizzy. I don't have the strength to fight with you. I don't  like fighting with you." I said, my voice cracking.

 "Stop being a prick, Blake." She said and hung up.

 I threw my phone on the ground and walked away.

 Cole ran after me.

 "Where are you going?" He asked.

 "I don't fucking care." I growled.

 "Blake stop." He said and jumped in front of me.

 "Stop being a prick, Blake. Stop being a prick, Blake. Can you believe that?" I laughed.

 "Calm down."

 "No, I won't fucking calm down."

 I threw my hands up.

 "Calling me a prick! That's cute! So cute!" I yelled.

 "Blake, stop. You're seriously acting like a psycho now."

 "Like because I'm obviously a prick! I'm obviously the worst damn human being in the world!"


 "I try everything to stop fights! Everything! Because honestly, I can't handle it! But no, I'm a prick!"

 Cole stared at me.

 "Let's just call up the news station and say 'WE HAVE YOUR PRICK'! I'm so fucking happy!" I shouted.

 Cole tied a rope around me and tied the other part to a post.

 "Calm your shit."


 "Guys! I need assistance back here!" Cole yelled to the family.

 They ran and looked at me.

 "Is there a reason for that?" Logan asked.

 "He's off the edge right now and I can't calm him down."


  Logan got a bucket of water and splashed it on me.

 "Was that supposed to calm me down or make me more pissed? I honestly want to know what your intentions were."  I laughed.

 "Guys, give him a few minutes. Let him get it out of his system." My uncle said.

 That night, I laid in bed and stared at the ceiling.

  Cole slept on the bed across the room.

 "Are you sure you're okay?" Cole asked.

 I looked at him.

 "I guess." I sighed.

 "I thought you were going to murder a village." Cole said.

 I sighed.

 "I'm sorry your phone broke." Cole sighed.

 "I wouldn't worry about me." I said.


 "I'm worrying about you now, bro."

 He looked at me.


 His phone rang. 


 He looked at me.

 "Uh, no. he's asleep." Cole said and hung up.

 "Why did you have to date a crazy girl? She has my number now." Cole growled.

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