Bright Lights and Dark Nights

The city is all he's ever known, but when his family decides to visit the country, things go south.


3. Talking to Her

 As I was about there, Cole tackled me to the ground.

 "What?" I asked.

 "You're in your pajamas!" Cole shouted.

 I took a glance at the pond to see her skipping rocks.

 "Okay, uh... make sure she doesn't leave. I'm going to get dressed." I said and ran back.

 When I came back, Cole was talking to her and she had a puzzled look.

 "Cole, come here!" I whispered.

 He ran to me.

 "What did you tell her?"

 "That you kissed your pillow when you were dreaming about kissing her." Cole said.

 I stared at him.

 "Was I not supposed to mention that?"

 "No, you weren't!" I said.

 "The conversation was lagging and I thought she'd laugh." Cole said.

 I took a deep breath.

I walked over to her.


 "Oh, hey, pillow kisser." She smiled.

 I laughed nervously.

 "Yeah, uh... sorry about that." I sighed.

 "No, I didn't mean it in a making fun of you sort of way." She said.

 "Thank God." I laughed.

 She smiled at me.

 "Want to skip rocks with me?" She asked.

 "Sure." I smiled.

 "Did you really do that?" She asked as we were skipping rocks.

 "Yeah..." I sighed.

 "Cute." She smiled.


 "Yeah. I think it's sweet that you had me on your mind when you were asleep and kissing a pillow." 

 I blushed. 

 "Not many guys would admit to that. I like that you don't lie."

  I smiled, unable to speak.

 "So, Blake, is it?" She asked.

 "Yeah. And you are?"

 "Camilla." She smiled.

 "Camilla. That's a beautiful name."

 She smiled.

 "Thank you."

 I gazed at her.

 She laughed.

  "Hey, I have to go." She said.

 "Wait, Camilla."

 She looked at me.

 "God, I love that name." I smiled.

 She stared at me and smiled.

 "Would you.. uh... maybe want to hang out tonight?" I asked.

 "Like on a date?"


 "I'd love to." She smiled.

 She walked away and I ran to Cole and hugged him.


 He looked at me and then back at the pond.

 "Did I miss something? What the fuck happened?" He asked and followed me.

 That night, at midnight, I met her at the pond.

  "Why did you want to meet at midnight?" She laughed.

 "Shh. Sit next to me."

  "What's supposed to be happening?" She asked.


 Only one firefly was in the sky.

  "Are you ready to tell me?" She laughed.

 "Hello, fireflies, you can come out, you little shitsnails." I said.

 Camilla laughed and looked at me.

 "What's going on?"

 "Okay, so in my dream, you told me to sit down and look at the sky and a thousand fireflies lit up the sky and then we  kissed."

 She stared at me.

 "I just realized how crazy I sound." I laughed.

 "You're not crazy." She smiled and stared at me.

 "I have an idea." I smiled and stood up.

 I took the flashlight and pointed it at us from a distance.

 "Blake, it's perfect." She smiled.

 "Are you sure?"

"Of course." She smiled and we gazed in each other's eyes.

 We leaned in and our lips touched.

 "Is that how it felt in the dream?" She asked.

 "I don't know. I woke up. Please tell me this isn't a dream." I said.

 She pinched my arm.

 "Ow, okay, it's real." I laughed.

 She smiled.

 "But to answer your question, it couldn't have been better." I smiled and held her hand.

 She put her hand on my cheek and kissed me.

 "Oh, would you look at that? It just got better. I didn't think that was possible." I smiled.

 "Could you get any cuter?" She laughed.

 I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out.

 "Oh, would you look at that?" She smiled.

 "You look like a cute dino." She laughed.

 I laughed.

 "Not yet, wait." She said and messed up my hair.

 "There, totally dino-like." She laughed.

 "I know, right?" I smirked, and then laughed.

 She gazed at me.

 "You know what you look like?" I asked.

 "What?" She smiled.

 I kissed her cheek.

 "My girlfriend."

 "Are you trying to ask me out?" She smiled.

 "Trying? yes. Failed? Totally." I laughed.

 "Well, maybe I would say yes to the cute dino."

 "I hope so because if you didn't, that dinosaur would become extinct."

 "Okay, I know you were trying to be funny but damn that was adorable." She laughed.

 I blushed and kissed her hand.

 She blushed and leaned on me.

 I smiled and held her close.

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