New home


1. New home

As the sun sets over the horizon and the silhouettes of the houses appear out of the darkness, I look around at the place I used to call home. It's not in the middle of nowhere but it is far enough away from the big city to keep the peace and quiet. I see memories floating by, after living here for so long every place has a memory attached. Now I'm leaving, to go to a place where every street will seem strange and I will know no people. Maybe it will be good to go away, to make new friends and begin a new life, but still a part of me is dreading this goodbye because I know that I will never call this place home again. Ok, so there will be new memories and friendships made but is it wrong not to want anything to change. Is it wrong to want a moment to last forever. But however much you may want it to last time drives relentlessly on, never stopping to take a break. I don't want to leave but I have to so I can spread my roots out and prosper. No matter how may times I tell myself this it still doesn't feel real. I stare down the hill at my home for one last time. Of course I will visit again but I won't call this home anymore, it will just be a place that I grew up in. I have said goodbye now it's time to go. I turn around and start walking to a new place, a new home

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