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This is just a random fanfic of a book I once read "Perfect Chemistry" by Simone Elkles(?) so I hope you einjoy!


1. Alex Fuentes

      Alex Fuentes:

        If you haven't known, mi vida wasn't exactly what I would call easy. At six, I witnessed someone murder my papa in front of me because of Hector Martinez, head of Latino Blood. When he was out of the picture, mi'ama gave birth to Luis, my third little brother, Carlos being the middle child.

      I remember when Hector came up to me and demanded that I join Latino Blood. No tienea otro opcion; I joined. At seventeen, I went to school in the north, them being rich, the southers being the ones poor. We did not see eye to eye, but because of Mrs. Peterson assigning me to sit next to a gringa known as Brittany Ellis, we were forced to actually work together.

      No voy a mentir; I hated Brittany. She was one of the most popular, rich girls, head of the cheerleading team. But after making a stupid bet that I would make her fall in love with me and sleep with her, I caught myself loving her too. The way Brittany is at school, she isn't like at home. She has an older sister named Shelley, who's disabled and can't do much on her own so Brittany was sort of like her caretaker/sister. Her parents were very strict, making Brittany be the plastic doll that she was.

     As Brittany and I began to spend more time together, I realized that this girl is not like anyone else, and she made me wish that things in my life  could change. Brittany and Paco ended up tricking me into staying in the warehouse while Paco went to do the deal. When I got there, Paco was on the ground, bleeding from a bullet in his heart. Hecto took his own life before the police arrested him, and I was taken to the hospital to remove a bullet in my arm. I didn't want Brittany to be part of my terrible life so I told her the truth; that I had only slept with her to win a new vehicle.

     She left.

     Two weeks later, I went to the Latino Blood and told them I wanted out. They beat the mierda out of me, Chuy branding me on my back the LB sign. I thought I was muerto, dead for good, and all I could picture was my mamacita Brittany.

    Six months later, I flew out to Colorado and went to go see Shelley, Brittany's older sister in a hospital for the disabled. Brittany saw me there, and I told her what I did. There was pain in her eyes, but I saw something that I was sure that I had driven out of her-love. I told her that once we graduate college, we were both going to get married.

    Today, my wife Brittany still looks the same, my son Paco (named after my best friend) is seventeen, and our daughter Brianna is fifteen. I still have the LB brand on my back and my tattoos on my back just a reminder for how far I've come.

This is a really good book in a trilogy series. I suggest ya'll read it, and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I have.

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