Treavor Douglas love story/ fanfiction

Tristan Brown and Trevor Douglas have been best friends all their lives they are always there for each other and they both love music when Trevor starts getting a lot of gigs he asks Tristan to come along and perform with him she accepts even though she suffers from stage fright she will do anything for Trevor. During the first show Tristan freezes up and runs off stage Trevor runs after her he finds her in the dressing room he tries talking to her but she too upset they stare in each other's eyes than something happens that they both don't except will it affect their friendship or actually bring them closer find out soon.



Tristan's POV
"HA Trevor please give me my phone back" I yelled at him laughing he chuckled and shook his head "No not until you agree to sing with me" he said holding it up higher I should probably explain if you know who Trevor Douglas is I'm his best friend he just got back from being on idol sadly he didn't make it far but that's ok I still find him very talented anyway he asked me to come over cause he had exciting news he was going on a little tour soon and he wanted me to perform with him yes I'm a singer too but I don't like performing that much Trevor has been trying to get me to perform but I always back out and now he has taken my phone away and won't give it back unless I agree to perform with him "You know I don't like performing on stage makes my legs shake" I said he chuckled god it's cute wait what shut up brain he'll never like you back "come on your amazing plus your voice is the most beautiful voice I ever heard in my life" he said I blushed oh great I'm blushing "you look so cute when you blush" he said "if I agree to perform will you give me my phone back please?" I begged he nodded "fine I'll perform happy now" I asked he nodded smiling showing his beautiful white teeth shut up brain than suddenly he pushed me down onto the bed and began tickling me I burst out laughing "Trev stop what are you doing?" I asked inbetween giggles "tickling you" he said laughing he was on top of me now than we stopped laughing and just starred at each other he was very handsome I'll admit it I knew he was cute but up close he is so handsome how is he single? ok I'll admit I like him I have for a while now and him being so close right now is not helping at all I'm tempted to kiss him but than I would ruin our friendship but it's hard he's so close to me suddenly I saw his head lower down to me what is happening before I could say anything his lips were so close to mine ok I can't resist anymore I put my hands around his neck and placed my lips on his and the most amazing thing happened he kissed me back I was kissing my best friend. I don't know how long we were kissing for but I loved every minute of it I think he did too but than we pulled away he got off me and pulled me up "wow um that was un excepted" Trevor said uh oh he feels awkward now "well um I didn't except that to happen either but now I guess I should tell you that I like you more than a friend" I said his eyes widened great he doesn't feel the same way but before I could say anything his lips were on mine again I kissed back we pulled away and he said the last thing I excepted "I like you too" he said smiling.

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