The Goldberg sisters are imperfect.
Kylie is a bipolar who just came out as bi.
Rosin has been in the hospital 7 times for suicide attempts, and has 6 digits on her hands and feet from her unborn twin.
Margaret was born 2 months premature, and somehow survived with no physical deformities. Her brain is a bit underdeveloped and slow, but she still sticks to her age level. She has Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, and Panic Disorder. She also has differently colored eyes.
Their parents just wish that the girls were normal...maybe even perfect.
When a man claiming to be a doctor shows up on their doorstep carrying a serum that will supposedly wipe away the girls’ imperfections, the Goldbergs are shocked and thrilled. Their parents are all for using their girls to test out the serum.
The serum works, but the girls eventually discover terrifying side effects - side effects that could kill them.

Can they find a way to stop the serum from destroying them completely?


2. Just Another Day in the Life of the Goldbergs

Rosin is in the hospital again.

"What'd she use this time?" I ask Kylie as I sit down.

"She ran out in front of a car." Kylie replies, rolling her eyes. "Did it right in front of her boyfriend, too. He was so upset."

"How has he not broken up with her yet? I'd be halfway to California by now."

"Who knows. Alec is persistent."

Alec, who is sitting by the door with his head in his hands, is covered in Rosin's blood. Again.



"Rosalissa Goldberg?"

Kylie stands and meets the doctor, who looks over her skeptically. "Are you her mother?"

"Her sister," Kylie replies. "I'm 19. Our parents can't make it right now. Long story."

His lips thin into a disapproving line, but the doctor nods. "Very well. I'm Dr. Ross. So, Rosalissa-"

"Rosin." I say, coming up behind Kylie.

Dr. Ross looks at me. "Pardon?"

"She goes by Rosin. Hates being called Rosalissa."

"...Right. Rosin is fine other than a few bruises and scrapes, and a fractured tibia. She's awake and asking for 'Maggie'. Is that one of you?"

I scowl. I hate it when she calls me that. "I'm Maggie."

"Right, I'll take you to her, then."



"I don't know, Maggie. I jus' saw the car and was like, "Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... you know?"

I roll my eyes at Rosin's drugged-up slur. "Rosin. You can't keep doing this, you know. Not to us, or to Alec."

She tosses her hand into the air. "Alec'll be fine wi'out me."

I sigh. "Kylie's signing you out now, we'll have you back home within the hour. Okay?"



Believe it or not, this is normal.

Rosin risking her life for no reason, even though she claims she's not suicidal. She's been hospitalized 6 times before today. None of us know why she gets such a thrill out of constant near-death experiences.


In the Goldberg house, that's just normal.




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