Yandere Male x reader

Read to find out


1. The Beginning

“Hey loser” the blond hair girl says laughing at me,As I was getting the books from my locker.I paid her no mind until she grabs one of my pigtails. “LISTEN TO ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU UGLY”.Then her gang came behind her and then started to hold me down as she started to punch me. “P-p-p-please stop “ I plead as her gang started to laugh.

She then got tried and then started to call her group to go to their next class.

   I then began to tried to get up but I then fell down Why even bother nobody cares that I'm here I then tried to get up again but someone had helped me this time “hey are you alright do you need to go to the nurse” a male voice spoke to me

I blushed and being suddenly nervous also stuttered a bit.

“T-t-thank y-you” I said looking at the boy in front of me.   

The boy let go of my hand “Hi I'm Toshi Aki” the boy then pause and say “call me whatever you like”.

Toshi Aki pov

I then told the shy girl to call me whatever names she please. I then felt my heart beat at a abnormal speed what is this feeling i thought it didn't hurt it felt nice like a nice warm hug.
I then realized I was holding the girls hand and that nurse office was 8 steps in front of us.

The shy girl then realized that she was holding my hand she the gave out a tiny squeak let go of my hand and ran to the nurse office.

And that warm feeling was gone

          Then I realized that I wish the feeling would have last longer

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