Yandere Male x reader

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2. Flashbacks

Toshi Aki pov

I remember the girl her name was Sadie Wise

\Flashbacks/ (when Toshi was 6 years old)

“ TOSHI-CHAN TOSHI-CHAN !!” the little girl with pigtails.I simply ignore the girl and focus back on my drawing.Then the girl started to poke me on the cheek with her chubby little finger.”what do you want Sadie-chan” the little girl eyes lit up like she just won the lottery."Want to play hide in seek with me" the girl says with excitement.I then sigh and gave in the girl then said "you hide I count".
 She then started to count.I than began to search for a hiding spot in the classroom I then had a idea to go outside to hide in a bush I walk outside and suddenly pushed on the ground by Hano the school bully "Where do you think you're going USELESS"

"I-I was playing hide and seek with a friend" I stuttered 


"N-N-No" i told him 

"WHAT YOU SAY" Hano said getting ready to punch me 

"I said no" I said emotionless 

Hano had enough of me talking back to him. He then started to punch me over and over again until Sadie saw what's going on and yelled "STOP IT HANO-CHAN YOUR HURTING HIM"

Hano then stopped and looked at Sadie then tried to grab her but than the principle caught him and suspended him.

Sadie then started to cry I ask her what's wrong but then she said “it's my fault that you're hurt if I haven't messed with you” she took a deep breath and continue “ you'll be ok”

I was shocked that Sadie-chan  was worried about me 

Nobody did care 

Only Sadie-chan

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