Gray Skies

Gray Biers is a a teen at the age of 17.
Even shy and considered a Geek, Gray is a badass Geek.

Life is good for her, loving parents... a good home... a protective older brother... What could be missing?
She finds out what is missing when her parents die in a car accident, her fmailiy is missing in her life, but is that it?

In Gray Skies you will find discover the mystery of the little town and maybe find love with someone on the way.

Sometimes you need to take a risk in life to get where you want to be.

Copy Right goes to me the author, Cassie Casella. Please don't steal my work. 2015.
Please don't point out errors, chapters are unedited.


4. Well that's great...

-Beta Daniel's POV-

A sicking screech and a sound of metal collapsing burst through the walls of the pack restaurant and to my sensitive ear drums. Feeling pain through my link, I sprint to the sound. Coming out of the last line of dark woods, I see Justin's glossy black hummer front end collided with a matte red SUV.

Inside I saw four people, two wolves, and two humans, the heart beats were weak. To my right I heard Justin groan in pain, without second thought I ran to his aide, ripping the mangled hummer door off the hinges. "Alpha? Justin? Come on, we need to get you out." I drag his limp and heavy body away from the wreak, only to have him rip himself from my grasp.

"Mate, my mate is here." His wolf said, who'd taken over ignoring the bodily pain he had. Standing tall he rushed over to the SUV pulling the door open to reveal a young girl. "Mate" he said again, pulling her fragile body from the car.

I go over to help get the boy out, then as I lay his battered body down I smell a rouge near. Turning I watch Justin with his body protectively over his mate, but he'd fallen unconscious. The smell became stronger as I tried to stop the boys bleeding and mind link the doctor to come asap, I turn to see the last two people being taken by them. There was nothing I could do, without help I would be ripped apart and so would they.

Without warning something hit me in the back of the head, knocking me into the dark abyss.




I groan, opening my eyes to a bright, white, sterile smelling room. The hospital scent invades my nose, giving me an instant headache. What a night, it all floods my memory, horror washes over me. I swing my legs over the bed ledge and touch the cold tile floor with my bare feet. "'Scuse me Beta, please get back into bed."

"No, where is Alpha Justin and the other two from the crash? I need to see them." I demand commandingly.

"Uh, yes Beta, but um Alpha Justin is in a coma. As well as the boy, the girl is in and out of it, I believe she may be by the boys bedside. She says her name is Gray, that the boy is her brother Jeff. Would you like to see them?" The older looking nurse asks, and I nod, taking all the information in.

"Miss Gray?" She call as she enters the room next to mine, myself trailing behind. "You have a visitor, his name is Daniel, he is the one who helped pull you and Jeff from the crash."

The fragile and tiny girl just nods, curled into a tight ball. She never took her eyes off her brother, her breathing was deep and low, and her eyes struggled to stay open. I sat in the chair near both beds and waited for change to come. Alpha would kill me if I left my new human Luna unprotected, especially after a rouge kidnapping. So I sat and waited, watching her and inspecting for any rouge damage on her.

I feel my eyes drope and I soon fall into the darkness again. Only to be woke what seems like seconds later to Luna screaming and then quickly falling asleep. I soon learn her brother woke up, but she fell into the coma now.

The plan now was to move Alpha Justin into the same room as her, in hopes that the closeness may draw out her wolf, and wake them both.

For now the Sage Rose pack would need to survive on a Beta and Omega (Third in Command), because we're all we have at this point.

The goal was set, we wake our Alpha and Luna, then track down the rouges who took the two other crash victims. Lets go get them.


Hi guys! Thank you for all the patience the few of you have with this. Here is another chapter, I'm going to try to spit a bunch of them out daily. Thanks again!

Stay magical my friends, stay you!



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