Gray Skies

Gray Biers is a a teen at the age of 17.
Even shy and considered a Geek, Gray is a badass Geek.

Life is good for her, loving parents... a good home... a protective older brother... What could be missing?
She finds out what is missing when her parents die in a car accident, her fmailiy is missing in her life, but is that it?

In Gray Skies you will find discover the mystery of the little town and maybe find love with someone on the way.

Sometimes you need to take a risk in life to get where you want to be.

Copy Right goes to me the author, Cassie Casella. Please don't steal my work. 2015.
Please don't point out errors, chapters are unedited.


2. Sunny Days

I'm putting another part up incase anyone actually decides to read this *laughs at thought*

Whelp, here you are love.



Chapter 1- Sunny Days


A 12 year old gray is running around the garden, her thick blonde hair -now a golden color from the sun- runs around with glee as her father chases her. She loved playing those games, tag, hide and seek. You name it Gray played it to entertain both her child-like father and younger cousins. She was an active young lady. Always playing sports, supassing even her older brother Brayden too.

"Gray?" a voice called from behind, turing around and panting a beautiful lady stood there with a stern but amused look on her face.

"Yeah mom?" She answered finally catching her breath.

"Is your homework finished?" the lady, Gray's mom, Lucia, asked with a knowing look. Lucia got her answer as the pre-teen lightly kicked the dirt looking anywhere but at her mom. "Come on get moving, its almost time for dinner." She pointed her finger to the light stone house behind her.

It was a large enough house, to keep the whole family of four in, plus a guest or two.

"Phil, you always let her get her way" Gray heard she mother playfully scold her father. She was daddy's little angel, and always well behaved so she got away with alot as a child. Especially getting extra play time.

-Flashback End-

Suddenly the sunny and memorful flashback ended, only to be replaced by something more sinister. A rememberance of the crash. The night her beloved mother and father died.


A loud screeching noise sounded in the silent car, the family looked up to see a large hummer heading towards them. The young boy, of age 17, Jeff, sat next to his little sister. One he loved very much, he turned to see her panicked and fear stricken face. With no where to go on the one way street both parents looked behind them to their childeren, time was moving slowly. Giving them a knowing look filled with love and hope they turned back around as a bright light blinded Gray and Jeff's vision. Jeff grabbed a hold of Gray. Everything went dark.

-Flashback End-

-Gray's POV-

I woke up with a start. They realization coming, it wasn't just a dream. My and Jeff's parents died that night. Looking around the dark hospital room I get up to look at Jeff. He was currently in a coma, it's been 4 months since the crash and he still hasn't woken. It's only a matter of time until he wakes up, because he will right? He wouldn't leave me here alone. Uncle Carter will be home soon, he'll take me away.

Sighing I sat next to him, "Jay..." I whispered, my voice cracking. "Please wake up. I miss you Jay, I need you Big Brother. Come back to me." Rubbing his arm I went back to the chair I was sleeping in, unable to leave, but not wanting to be that close. It's just to hard right now.

Thinking back. all I wanted were those sunny days back.

I fell back into my hospital bed, letting the impending darkness close in on me.

-Jeff's POV-

I heard Gray talk to me again. "Jay..." she said, pausing momentarally  "Please wake up. I miss you Jay, I need you Big Brother. Come back to me."

I'm coming Gray, I promise. I'll be with you soon.

Seconds later I feel my body become lighter, I was waking up.


Hey guys, how was it? It didn't have to much of how Gray or Jeff acts or thinks in this but I hope it was enough to show you what she is battling with in here and how it will relate in the next few chapters.

Thanks a bunch for reading and supporting.



~Castiel ^.*

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