An Honest Life

This story is a sequel to The Mess We're In
Flim was never one to argue with Flam. In fact, if the situation had been any different, they might have been able to work it out. But, fate being the fickle thing that it is had other plans. After a heated fight, they split up. There was no going back, the bridge was burned and the damage done.
It soon becomes apparent that things are never as easy as they seem. Several failed attempts later, Flim is out of energy and ideas. Just when he's about to give up, a chance encounter with Applejack changes everything. Working beside the Element of Honesty was the opportunity he needed. If he could prove his sincerity to her, then nopony would question his desire for an honest life. But, as the days drag on, he realizes a truth that may just jeopardize everything. How can he prove his sincerity when he must constantly hide the truth?


14. Epilogue

Flim used to consider himself a rational pony who would take the time to think through a situation before acting. Now he was certain that he was the most idiotic, spur of the moment stallion in all of Equestria. Not only had he given up a perfectly good job at Sweet Apple Acres to track down a brother who probably did not want to see him, but he had given up the chance to date Applejack. Though she promised to wait for him, Flim could not stanch the sinking fear that he would never return to her. There was the distinct and real possibility he would not make it out of this alive, but he had to try, for Flam's sake.

So here he stood, on the crest overlooking Las Pegasus, or as his mother so affectionately referred to it, Sin City. Flim knew, just knew Flam would be here. Call it instinct, or intuition, but Flim was confident in that fact. Taking a deep breath, he started towards a task that was bound to be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.  Still, he would not give up until he had found him, one way or the other.



Night in Las Pegasus was nothing like the peaceful nights in Sweet Apple Acres. It was as if the instant Celestia lowered the sun, the sleezy underbelly of the city came to a vibrant, neon fueled fever pitch. Flim lowered his hat, grateful for what felt like the hundredth time since Appleloosa that Applejack had gifted it to him. He passed through yet another dimly lit alley, if only to avoid the glare of the lights. He nearly started backwards when a back door swung open, illuminating the grime crusted stones.

There were two low voices, shouting something incomprehensible, though Flim thought he caught "no account drunk" and "gamblers" well enough. He was just about to turn around when a familiar voice cut off the two strangers'. Flam? Flim perked his ears, desperately trying to hear what was being said.

Before he could make up his mind about acting, there was a flurry of movement, and a cream blur flew headlong out the door. In an instant, it slammed closed, leaving Flim to stare down at the figure. Illuminating his horn, he took a few cautious steps forward. There lying on the slick stones was a decidedly irate Flam. Though he had dyed his mane and mustache an awful shade of green, Flim would have recognized him anywhere. Without a moment's hesitation, he cantered over to him, gripping him in a tight hug. "Flam! Thank Celestia I found you."

Flam's eyes grew side as saucers, and even through his obviously intoxicated state, Flim could see a spark of recognition. "Flim? What . . . what are you doing here? And what's up with the sideburns?"

Flim snorted, rolling his eyes. This was going to be a very long night.

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