An Honest Life

This story is a sequel to The Mess We're In
Flim was never one to argue with Flam. In fact, if the situation had been any different, they might have been able to work it out. But, fate being the fickle thing that it is had other plans. After a heated fight, they split up. There was no going back, the bridge was burned and the damage done.
It soon becomes apparent that things are never as easy as they seem. Several failed attempts later, Flim is out of energy and ideas. Just when he's about to give up, a chance encounter with Applejack changes everything. Working beside the Element of Honesty was the opportunity he needed. If he could prove his sincerity to her, then nopony would question his desire for an honest life. But, as the days drag on, he realizes a truth that may just jeopardize everything. How can he prove his sincerity when he must constantly hide the truth?


1. Prologue

April rain pounded the roadside, turning the dusty road into a river of sludge. Flim stood knee deep in a particularly water logged portion, seemingly unaware of the sheets of rain drenching his coat. He glowered at the stallion in front of him. "What were you thinking?"

"What was I thinking? I was thinking of how to make more money, Flim." Flam looked practically murderous, shooting daggers at his twin.

"By conning ponies out of their hard earned bits? By stealing?" The thought of his brother even suggesting such an idea was making his skin crawl. "I won't stand by and take it anymore, Flam! We've got to think of the consequences."

"The consequences? THE CONSEQUENCES?" Flam rolled his eyes, gesturing at the darkened forest around them. "We're on the run. We owe an exorbitant amount of bits to some of the worst ponies in Equestria and you're worried about the consequences of being con artists?" He rubbed his forehead in frustration, "Flim, I think we've lost the right to humor our moral inclinations."

"Inclinations?" Flim felt a searing anger as he stared at Flam. Certainly after all these years, all they went through he would understand. "They're not inclinations to me, Flam! They're not. I told you from the getgo I wanted to stay honest."

"Honest?" Flam snorted, voice taking on a dangerous, icy tone. "What part of your life has been honest? Face it Flim, you've gone past the point of being honest."

"You don't know that!" Flim felt his determination wavering under his brother's glare. "We could get a job, work to pay off the debt."

"Seriously? That's your big plan? Wake up to the light, Flim!" The rain pounded down even harder, but neither of the ponies seemed to take notice. "It's either us or them, and frankly I choose us."

For a long while, Flim stared hard at his brother, then, slowly he turned away. "No, Flam. You choose yourself. You always have."

Flam's eyes bulged with anger. "Where do you think you're going? You're nothing without me, a nopony!"

"Maybe so, but," He looked back at Flam, a wolfish snarl stretching across his face, "I'm sick and tired of being used, Flam. I'm not your puppet." Without another word, he made his way down the road and out of site. For the first time in years, he found himself alone. But, unlike last time, there was no possibility of turning back. Wait and see, brother of mine. I'll make a life I'm proud of, an honest life.


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