Set in an alternate timeline. Fluttershy encounters a strange creature in the woods. After realizing the animal is injured she tries nursing it back to health only to discover she has one of the most dangerous and powerful mages ever to inhabit Equestria in her care.
Story idea is from alarajrogers.
Cover art by the amazing C-Puff who kindly gave me permission to use it.


19. Epilogue: One Year Later

Fluttershy was in the kitchen when the letter appeared in front of her in a silvery flash. She smiled to herself. She no longer needed to check the mailbox or even the envelope to know when she recieved a letter from Discord. She poured herself a cup of tea and took it out into the garden. She sat down in the sunshine while Angel Bunny grazed nearby.

Dearest Fluttershy,

An update!

Our 'honeymoon suite' is almost ready.

I know we aren't really married, but that's kind of what I like about you. You know that I don't need a contract or some traditional ceremony to know that I love you, and you love me, Canary-Horse, especially since I'm so handsome and witty and charming. Honestly, how did you resist a sexy creature like me for so long?

But I do want to do something special for you.

Wait until you see it! It took me ages to find the right tree, but it's got the perfect branch to sit on that looks out over the Nickeraguan rainforest. The tree house sits nicely in the canopy and the walls are covered with all this pretty glowing fungus. At night there are all kinds of moths and cicadas and their sound fills the air.I don't know if the monkeys living around here are the Monkey King's descendants, but they're still pretty noisy.  I know you will love it, you nature dork. The bed is mostly made up of leaves, but I've made sure it's comfy with a quilt and pillows. I mean, sometimes weird bugs crawl out of the leaves. Stuff like beetles and centipedes, and things even I think have far too many legs, but Ricardo and Mortimer just eat them. Besides, I know stuff like that doesn't bother you.

But, if I may be serious for a moment (oh, my! Me being serious. Perhaps I have a temperature!) But, no...I wanted to say to you...

I...I want to thank you, Fluttershy. Thank you for being my friend, for being my protector, for being my mate. Without you I wouldn't be standing here, looking out over the trees and breathing in the fresh air. I wouldn't have friends. I wouldn't have the freedom to come and go as I please.

I wouldn't have my chaos magic back. I wouldn't be me. I'd be a non-entity.

All my love,


Author's Note:

Whew! Thank you all so, so, so much if you've made it this far and all your lovely comments. I had a blast writing this and didn't expect it to be as popular as it was! You are all amazing. Taking a bit of a break from writing now but I had fun!

All the Best,


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