Do You Believe In Magic?

A collection of short fantasy stories that I wrote over the past year or so. In one story, a girl goes up against a djinn. In another, we learn where writers get their ideas. And in a different story we see just how a star is born.


2. Writer’s Dilemma

~In this short story, it is explained how authors get their ideas.


“We need the perfect author to influence the children and few adults into our world,” The man stated at the small group that was centered in the mall. “The author must have been writing since childhood, and she must be one of those that need to write, rather than just writing because that’s the only option they have to do. We need to find the next Anne McCaffrey, or Mercedes Lackey, or even Piers Anthony. You have twenty-four hours. Get to work, people.”

“Wait!” A nervous lithe young woman was standing amongst the center of the crowd-she had never scored making a writer, though she had helped others to do so. “What about…if they’re twins?”

There was a pause.

“If they’re twins, then make them both writers, regardless of age or if they are male or female.” The leader said finally. “Same goes for triplets and higher,” He added dryly. “Times wasting. We must be back at our world before our Transportation Spell is cancelled. Now shoo.” He ordered.

The lithe young woman watched nervously as everyone in her group scattered moving about people as though they were normal human beings. It couldn’t be farther from the truth-they were aliens from other worlds, aliens who could also do magic from time to time. The reason that they came here was to influence people to write about the worlds that they’d seen, and the people who were on those worlds. The authors had no idea that they were writing things that were real. They didn’t remember, because after meeting with the author, they wiped their minds.

Of course, the truly special cases were picked out ahead of time. They’d been on this planet for thousands of years.

One of their own had been responsible for the making of the Bible, which had been truly fiction. It was amazing what this race took for granted, and how much they believed things nowadays.

Fantasy was the highlight of the people of this world. They didn’t have much else to look forward too, and so they created new fantasy authors almost every day. It was rare when an author was already working towards her/his own goal. And when that happened, they sometimes helped prodding them along if their writing was at least somewhat decent and close to the truth about their world.

She was one of those who had had little luck in making authors shine and become famous of this world. It was something that she longed to do, because those that did usually got to stay on this world and pretend to be the author’s friend and wind up staying with them for as long as they were writers. She wanted to stay on this world, and explore it fully. She needed someone…something fresh.

Then she spotted the perfect one-a young woman standing at a bookshelf set out in front of a bookstore that was clearly meant for adults and teens. The girl was reading at a remarkably fast rate…and had a pen in stuck up behind her ear and a notepad tucked under her arm. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that read ‘Writer’.

She hastily went over, and pretended to browse the bookshelves, but she was actually studying the girl up close: decent hair, decent build for a body, and decent eyes and hands. Her teeth could use a bit of work, but that would be easily fixed once this author was on the go. She was clearly from a poor family of this world, and she was obviously influenced by the books that she read. She was currently reading a brand new Mercedes Lackey [who had been influenced by one of her people] and was quite clearly tuned out to the rest of the world.

It was time to speak with the girl.

She dropped her purse and used her magic to make it roll at the girl’s feet. The girl apparently wasn’t into the book that much, and glanced down in startled surprise. She then bent down and frowned as she straightened, and then it was time for her to act.

“Oh, thank you! I’m sorry, I dropped my purse when reaching for a book,” She said smoothly, and reached out for the purse. The girl was clearly shy and that was another bonus-shy authors were stay at home writers because they had little contact with the outside world and produced some really interesting stuff!

“Uh…you’re welcome,” The girl was staring at her as though trying to think of what the ‘woman’ reminded her of. In truth, she wasn’t a woman at all, but an Air Elemental from another world. Their group was made up of all kinds of different creatures in disguise as human beings. The girl was clearly struggling with thinking something, and for the first time she began to feel a bit nervous. As an Air Elemental, it was hard to feel emotions at all. But when in human form, even though that form had been created by magic, she felt them all too easily. “Are…do I know you?” She asked.

She had no idea how the girl was penning her down! Rarely did humans even guess that they weren’t human, but this girl clearly suspected that something was off. She looked around for the group she had come with, but didn’t recognize anyone near. With an inward growl, she reserved the ‘panic button’ for later. The girl was clearly trying to think and having trouble. She sighed.

“Will you come with me so that we can talk somewhere private, please? I promise you, I mean you no harm.” She said simply. The girl hesitated, clearly torn. She scanned the girl’s mind and saw that she was expected to be waiting there for about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes gave her a bit of time to do what she needed to do. And it also meant that she might be able to take off with the girl and have her as just another missing person on this world.

“All right, I’ll come. But I know self-defense, so if you try anything, you won’t get me easily.” The girl warned, and the Air Elemental suppressed a smirk. The girl clearly thought that she could fight herself against an Air Elemental? Perhaps the girl wasn’t as smart as she had previously anticipated.

“Come, let’s head into…here.” There was an employee’s bathroom there. It would grant them privacy, and she could cast a spell to make mortals forget it was there temporarily.

“But-that’s for employees!” The girl exclaimed.

“And they won’t notice a thing. Come on,” She said impatiently.

The girl hesitated-she was clearly a law-abiding citizen, the Air Elemental noted. But then, she sighed and went in first, with the Air Elemental going in right behind her. The Air Elemental drew a spell around the door and walls so that the people wouldn’t notice this place in the mall existed. It would grant them a bit of time.

“Did you…just cast a spell?” The girl asked, astonished, forgetting her unease at being in a place that she wasn’t supposed to be in.

She sighed.

“I’m an Air Elemental, I can cast spells at will. It’s part of why we are here, because we can protect ourselves better than others.” Not quite true, but not a lie either. The girl’s eyes went round.

“Air…Elemental. That’s why you don’t seem human!” The girl exclaimed, and she must’ve looked slightly surprised because she explained further. “You just don’t act human. You seem as if…you’re better than the rest of us that are in the area with you. Like we’re a weak species that has no power compared to you. At first I thought you must’ve been a police officer or something, but then I realized it went above that.” She said frowning.

“Well, I’m here to make an offer-how would you like to write about our kind, and our worlds? It would be as though you had lived amongst us your entire life. And you will be able to become famous, here on your world, for your writings. You would be the next generation of Mercedes Lackey.” She said with a smile towards the girl who looked suspicious.

“What’s in it for you?” She asked, seeming drawn by her words.

“Well, we can spread word about our worlds, and we won’t be harming your race any or causing any fear or widespread panic. We would be able to slowly introduce our societies to yours, and you would be able to mix with ours. We’d help you with space travel, and other things. We would become allies.” She said truthfully. But though the words were true, her species-and that of the other worlds-would be far greater in the means of advancements, and they would be able to be ‘in control’ of the human world regardless of how things turned out. Still, they were hoping that this world would move for peace instead of…other things. She nearly shivered at the thought. The girl seemed to consider.

“What would I write?”

“What you already write-fantasy, science fiction, and whatever else you desire as long as you help spread the message about our forthcoming,” She said, staring into the girl’s eyes-or trying to. The girl kept looking away, and fixing her gaze on some unimportant item in the room-it was quite irritating.

“And if I disagree about agreeing to write for you?”

“Then I shall take my leave and this never would have happened,” Lie, but the girl didn’t need to know that. The girl would forget all of this anyway, and they would go on with missions to include themselves amongst the human race.

“I don’t think I’ll agree to this,” The girl said suddenly. “I can already write what I want. It doesn’t make me famous or anything so far, but that’s okay. I write because I need to write, not because some alien wants me to write for them.”

She almost swallowed her own air!

She had no idea what to do at this stage-wipe the girl’s mind and start over until she agrees? Or perhaps simply force her to do it regardless? She hesitated, and then decided on the latter.

“I did hope that you would choose to help-I would think that you would be interesting in seeing other worlds and visiting places that had dragons and battle ships,” She said in a tone of regret. The girl looked wistful at those words.

“If that were really true, I’d visit them in dreams whenever I wanted.” She said and then shook her head. “I would like to write for you, but something within me says that I’m supposed to ignore your words and forget about you, that you are dangerous and that I can’t help you.”

She stared at the girl, her spell momentarily forgotten. The spell disappeared a few seconds when she didn’t continue working on it. Could this girl be something part human and part…of their kind?

She abruptly began working on a different spell, one that would trace the girl’s lineage all the way back. She was startled to find that the girl was from a family that had lasted all the way from the beginning of the start of the world, and that she had a tiny amount of power within her.

This wasn’t covered in their rules at all!

“You will stay and guard the girl,” The leader’s voice made her jump slightly, and the girl stared in astonishment as four strangers came through the wall as though it wasn’t there at all. “The girl will forget all that you have said, but you will stay and guard her. She wishes to be a writer-she will be. I grant her added power that she already has running through her blood that will make her be a writer revered by all. She is one to be guarded at all times, and those who will be derived from her in time. She will be your friend and you will be her guard, her ally, through all of her life. Given time, when she is near death, we will take her and treat her as though she is one of our own. This will come to pass.” The man said, and then the girl slumped as the spell of sleep was cast over her, and then she’d forgotten about the entire conversation that had just happened between them. “You now work within this store as an employee. The other human’s minds of this mall have been altered so that they will know you work here. You will assist the girl home and take care of her. If you have trouble, contact us with this device,” He handed her a small black pebble that was clearly stored of ancient power. “Wear it as a necklace around your neck.” He advised. “And finally…keep the girl safe at all costs. Make it to where she is happy and healthy. Enjoy your life here upon the Planet, and we will send others to come and see the pair of you from time to time. For now, however, we must depart.” He gave her a low bow, as did the others that surrounded him, and then they were gone.

The girl slowly woke up, and seemed rather confused at being there.

“What happened? Where is this place?”

“You passed out,” The Air Elemental said immediately, her sense of stunned disbelief and awe not quite fading away.

“I brought you here to help you-are you all right?”

“I get the strangest sense that we’ve already met before…” The girl said, rubbing her forehead from a headache. “And that I ought to stay away from you.”

“What is your name?” She asked the girl in an attempt to make her forget of their encounter further-it seemed to work.

“My name is Sam, what’s yours?” She asked, sounding interested.

“Sam, a pretty name. My name is Airi,” She said, not knowing where the name came from but knowing that it was hers for life now. “Sam, how about we get you something to eat? It seems as though you might’ve fainted from sheer hunger.”

“I wish I had some paper, I really feel the strongest urge to write something about an Air Elemental and a strange group of people that seem really alien.” The girl, Sam, started to talk happily as she was led out of the employee’s closet and towards a human room in the mall that served food-a restaurant, she remembered the name of the place being called. “Do you write, Airi? Your name is so pretty,” She said, and Airi smiled.

It seemed as though their strange road of friendship was going to be quite wild and strange, but for now she was content. She had a place amongst the people of Earth, and she knew that she would be able to stay for as long as she desired. For the people of Earth were quite creative, and the person that was to be her friend was one of the most creative that ever was.



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