Do You Believe In Magic?

A collection of short fantasy stories that I wrote over the past year or so. In one story, a girl goes up against a djinn. In another, we learn where writers get their ideas. And in a different story we see just how a star is born.


6. Two Little Things of Magic

~Two little things of magic is a slightly silly story written for the authors own amusement and was unintended to be published. The story was written based off a dream somewhat similar to the story. The person in this story [the human girl] is not the author but rather a character she had created for a different story all-together. The story talks about how magic can still be found even in the most unusual places, and how magic can be reborn in a world that seems dead of magic.


I found it completely by accident.

It was like a little tool shed in the middle of the woods at home, only it seemed-like an odd cave. A very small odd cave. It was shaped like a tool shed, so curious; I crept down the hill [these hills were dangerous, and if you weren't careful, you could find yourself falling off into a ravine] and made it safely to the tool shed/cave. I opened the door-the doorknob was gone, but there was a circular hole there still-and saw that it was rather dark inside. I bit my lip, looked around, then decided to go in without taking anything with me but myself and the clothes I had on. I walked in, careful about paying attention to where I was walking and where I was going.

The cave was dank, dark, and it smelled of some kind of strong meat. Fifteen minutes later-I looked behind me, and could no longer see the open door that I'd come through. I swallowed, nervous and excited, and crept further in, my eyes slowly growing used to this tepid darkness.

Without warning, a loud sound, someone snoring, came to my ears. I froze where I was, and looked frantically around, wondering if I had trespassed. I hadn't thought that I was trespassing. I didn't hop any purple-colored fences that were around the area; after all, so-why was someone in here?

Shaking slightly, I slowly crept forward, thinking wistfully of a light, and was about to step forward another step-when something caught my eye.

It was a baby kitten, sleeping on the floor of the cave, curled up around a rock three times its size. I stared at the little white fluffball, wondering how I could possibly have heard this tiny little thing. I bent down to pick it up-out of reflex, since I had dozens of cats and kittens at home-and looked up-right into the eye of a much larger creature.

I stumbled backwards, almost dropping the kitten onto the floor, and the kitten woke with a slight meow.

The rock/eye moved and I found myself staring at it in awe, rather than fright. I could almost see exactly what it was and just as it appeared before me completely, I realized that the kitten was snuggling up against my chest, feeling comfortable and warm.

"Who dares disturb my home and tries to steal from me?" The dragon rumbled, sounding suspiciously like he was amused. I swallowed.

"I am Ann, er-dragon." I said, looking at its massive form. If I could draw, I would draw this once I was back home, for it was a magnificent creature. Looked exactly like the rock of the cave, and its color was the same-black, red, and brown. Except for its eyes, which were bright yellow and staring down at me sternly.

"You plan on stealing from me, Ann?" It asked in a dangerous rumble. I frowned, then glanced at the kitten, who was gazing up at me with a purr.

"No, Sir-I just...I have cats at home, and generally they like being held." I said truthfully. "I wasn't sure if this was the safest place for this cat, therefore I was going to take it someplace safer." I added, nervous still.

The dragon seemed to pause.

"You were concerned for the cat’s safety? Why?"

" seemed as if the cat didn't have anyone to look out for it and if it got hurt in this cave..." I said, sighing. "I'll put the kitten back down, clearly I was wrong-"

"On the contrary, you did the right thing, Ann." The dragon snorted, sounding a bit weary. "Most humans-actually all humans-I have met are arrogant, self-fulfilling, and full of pride. You have none of those qualities; you are kind, generous, and full of loneliness and despair. Why?"

"Because our world is dying." I said, a bit helplessly. "The people there are using science to kill us without realizing it! There's too many people, and we haven't figured out how to build colonization ships to bring to other planets-and we haven't even found any other Earthlike planets either! There are hundreds of children that are homeless, scared, and starving. If I could bring magic into our world-then maybe it will help save us."

"You truly are kind and generous. Do you want nothing for yourself?" The dragon inquired. I sighed.

"What I want has long ago vanished. I have been caring for my family, my mother-mainly-and I have been forced to grow up." I said, shaking my head. "How can I possibly want anything but the chance at a lifetime of magic and..." I sighed.

"Then you want magic." The dragon, cocked its head sideways, as if considering something. I felt the kitten scratch at my hand, and I absently began petting it, its purring growing louder. "I will give you a choice-you can go back to your world, but you cannot take any magic with you. You said yourself, people there are more for science than magic. And am I correct in thinking that there was magic there once long ago?" The dragon asked, and I nodded, sighing bitterly.

"The ancient men of the world killed off your kind and destroyed magic to where there was almost nothing left remaining, but tiny signs of it every now and then." I informed him, sadly. "They did not know any better, and I think they feared dragons and their power. As well as the power of what magic could accomplish with so little."

"I see." He titled his head. "Since you cannot bring magic back with you-would you like to stay in my world? You will have your own magic, of course, and there are other humans and such around, once you leave the cave again." He offered.

I stared at him.

"You're...letting me stay?" I asked him softly, and the kitten let out a playful growl, and battered at my sleeve that was hanging from my arm. I thought for a few moments. "I'm sorry, I can't stay here. I would love to stay, I really would-but there are people that are back home, and they are in need of some kind of help." I said truthfully. The dragon looked amused.

"You are the first to choose to go back." It said, pleased. "Therefore, I will grant you a few gifts. One will be that kitten that you are holding-its name is Shimmerstein." He informed me. "The second gift is this-" And he blew gently at me, the wind ruffling wildly around, warmth spreading from my body head to toe. "You are now capable of doing great magic when returning to your world. You will find even the smallest bit of magic there is in your world, and bring it back to its former glory." He informed me. "And"

A small pouch was tossed my way, and I opened it to find a book and a few purses that held gold and silver inside. I swallowed hard. "Something that will help you in your life when you need funding." The dragon said, yawning widely.

"Now, if you will excuse me, Ann, I must rest. I have been awake to long. Goodbye, young Shimmerstein. I do so hope you will keep out of trouble, and make sure that Ann finds her way in her world." He added, curling up into a ball, and disappearing into the rocks once more. The kitten gave a tiny wail, but then turned towards me, and I held it closely, and clutched the bag of gold and the book.

I went back towards the front entrance, and found myself back exactly where I started. The kitten looked around in interest, eyeing the trees and the rocks that were scattered everywhere. The tiny gravel road that had seemed too dangerous to climb down before was easy going up, as I held tightly to two little things of magic, and headed home. 

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