Do You Believe In Magic?

A collection of short fantasy stories that I wrote over the past year or so. In one story, a girl goes up against a djinn. In another, we learn where writers get their ideas. And in a different story we see just how a star is born.


5. Sacrificing Angel


Rose can sense it, feel it in every fiber of her bones. Cold seeps through the window, and night has fallen. The moon is not full, as one would expect, it is a brand new moon that is being displayed in the sky amongst the beautiful, cold stars. She can sense that her time has come for her to choose a side, and should she choose wrongly…chills swept down her back at the thought, and she found herself wishing for a fire so that it might be a bit warmer.

Without warning, flutters of wings are heard. She thinks at first that it is just a night owl outside her window-but then she knows better, it is not a bird at all. She turned towards the window and saw a towering figure standing there, blocking every inch of it. She didn’t bother to try and escape, she already had a plan on how things were going to turn out. The figure was easily 6’9” in height, and probably around 250 lbs. with that muscle. Adding the wings attached to his back, though she couldn’t see them, she could feel them, beating almost like a human heart.

This monster is anything but human. It is leering at her, though she senses that it is genially trying to smile at her. It doesn’t know how to smile, it just knows how to conquer: to subdue their victims to their lowest points in their lives.

She knows, within an instance, that this is the night that she will die. Yet she is completely unafraid, and she would rather stand tall instead of cowering in fear to her death.

“Rose,” The thing breathed, pleasure on its face at seeing her standing before it. She would’ve like to have named it, but names to such things gave them power, even just calling it ‘he’ would give it power. She stood still, arms at her side, and remained silent, waiting for it to continue. “Rose…it is a pleasure to see you again. Where are your friends?” It asked, and she sighed knowing he was going to want her to respond. It wouldn’t due to be ignore hospitality, even to such a creature as the one standing before her.

“They are gone,” She said simply. “They do not know that I am here. They aren’t going to come.” She hoped not, anyway. Her ‘friends’ had the uncanny ability in figuring things out at the wrong time. Still…even if they did figure it out, it wouldn’t do them any good. It was far too powerful for them to handle.

In the background, her radio played continuously, uninterested in who was present in the room. The lead singer of a band called Staind was singing, and the words became clear as she was taking in everything around her. The radio died just as it was getting to her favorite part, though music wasn’t on her mind at the moment.

“Such irritating noise, wouldn’t you agree?” It purred. “Rose…surely you can understand my position? I am fighting with my brothers, simply because they don’t agree with my purposes. They betrayed me, Rose! They cast me out of my home, into a fiery pit of hell-literally! They think me weak, Rose. They think me sick in the head.” It sighed. “But I am not weak, I am just lonely.” He looked mournfully at her…

No not ‘he’. IT, she insisted to herself. She wasn’t going to fall for him, no matter how ‘charming’ or ‘handsome’ he appeared to be. IT was just a monster…and she wasn’t interested.

“That’s a shame,” It objected. “You’re stronger than I thought,” He added, and she reluctantly gave up calling him ‘IT’.

It wouldn’t matter much longer anyway, if things continued the way they were. She eventually wouldn’t be able to fight against him any longer.

“Yes…you see, we can do this peacefully. Look, I can even make it to where I’m your dream come true!” And he transformed from the terrifying monster into a figment of her most desired dream…

He transformed into a very handsome man, complete with the type of wings that she loved: black wings, but not those of a demons, just those that were a part of his natural body. She involuntary stared at him, taking in everything.

He smirked.

“Yes…I can be everything you ever dreamed of…” He purred.

Before he could continue, the roof suddenly exploded into a mass of debris and destruction. Someone had just fallen through the roof, and they were already on their feet, yanking Rose away from the beautiful angel before her. She felt herself coming back to reality, and she gasped as she was thrust behind a real angel.

“You will pay for that.” It muttered, irritated. “We were getting on well together, were we not, Rose?” It added, and she shivered at the tone. She had almost fallen for him completely, and would’ve failed…her friends.

“Leave her alone,” The angel in front of her said darkly.

“And so the hero comes to rescue the princess from the monster,” It said in a bored tone. “Of course, little hero, I shall do anything you say! You are in the right, after all, and you ought to get what you deserve!”

Rose noticed that IT was now trying to enchant the angel that had come to rescue her. It was succeeding, she saw with a chill. While IT was distracted, she slowly, carefully moved to her nightstand. She felt rather as though she wanted some comfort…her mother’s portrait was there, after all.

“Now, I can be exactly what you crave, what you dream most have having-something that you deserve!” IT said with a satisfied look on its face, as the angel fell to the floor, weeping. It could not stand against IT’s penetrations into his mind, Rose saw with sympathy. And the struggle was likely killing him. Rose still felt that familiar sense of just how wrong it was too see a beautiful angel cry.

Rose stepped forward.

“Let him be,” She said softly, clutching her mother’s portrait behind her back. Her mother would always support her, no matter where she was. “I will surrender to you, just leave him alone.”

“Rose-” The angel choked, and she looked down at him, and smiled. There were no tears, just a smile of relief as if to say that it was finally over-she had reached her point in life where there was no turning back now.

“Take me as I am,” Rose said, turning to him. He chuckled.

“Ah, Rose, you are as beautiful as your namesake.” He whispered, and stepped forward, right in front of her. She slowly brought out her mother’s frame, intending to drop it onto the floor for her friend to remember her by…

“There will be no need to have him remember you by,” He said softly. “For all around here will be gone once I take you.” He touched her arm, and she slowly lifted her mother’s portrait, intending one last look of her before surrendering to evil.

“I see nothing-” Then IT cried out in shocked agony as she slammed the dagger/sword into his heart. It fell to its knees, clutching his wound in agony and looking at her with hate.

“Die,” He hissed, touching her right where her heart would be.

“NO!” Her angel, her beautiful angel with white wings, cried out.

Sharp pain struck her throughout every inch of her body, and she opened her mouth to scream-


She existed no more.


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