This is not a love story

This is not a love story. It’s maybe a story about love, but it is definitly not a love story. This is a history about a boy wih dark brown hair and eyes with the colour the ocean, eyes who could see trough everything, damn, that boy has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen.This boy took the pieces of my broken heart and made it whole again. This is a story about tears and smiles, about the best and the worst. This isn’t even a happy-ever-after-story, this is MY story.


11. Broken hearts

The toilets aren't where I tought they were because I follow Cat to the garden of the school. It's so peaceful here, and quiet. Cat and I take a seat on a  worn out bench. I didn't even know that this school has a garden. I'm really curious about Pandora, I can't devise any reason why you could hate sombody so much like Cat hates her.

''I will already warn you, don't even say one kind word about her or you will get problems, and I can assure you, I'm a really nice, kind and fantastic person, but you don't want problems with me about that oyster.''

I have to do my very best not to start laughing, ''Cat, 'oyster' is not a curse.''

''Yes it is, oysters are dirty and fawning and ugly and just ieuw. But where was I? Well Pandora Hart was a new pupil here, just like you. And I liked her. '' 

She sees my shocked face and starts laughing.

''Yes I know, I hadn't discoverd her evil, black, empty soul yet.  But anyhow, we were friends and I was one of the only girls that gave her a chance.You know me, always so friendly. In the beginning, she was having something with Charlie and...'

''You mean my cousin Charlie, like in the boy I live with? He was having something with the uberbitch?!?''

''Yeah, it maybe seems a bit strange now, but he admired her, she was his world.'' Cat looks a bit nostalgic.

''You know, they were cute together. But than she ruined everything, I saw her having sex with Cade. He was my boyfriend. ''

I want to open my mouth to say how terrible I feel for her, but she rises her hand to stop me.

''Stop, no 'I feel so sorry for you'-nonsense please, I know you do but I'm trying not to feel anything while I'm telling you this, just let me finish my story. Cade was not only my boyfriend, he was also one of the best friends of Charlie. Together with William and Wilson, they formed the gang of the school, but they were no  bullies, they were just best friends. They are all  complete extremes, Cade is the sporty type, he cares about the team, but only the team. Charlie  is the one with the most humor, he can brighten up everyone and everything. And than you have William, or Will like you like to call him,'' I get a wink and I start blushing, again, '' he was 'the leader' of them, the one with the most charisma, Wilson was the glue amongst them, he made it all work.''

''What happened with them? And with you en Cade?'' I really can't imagine how on earth they could be friends. 

''I see patience isn't one of your best attributes. But to anwer your question, I broke up with Cade, it was hard for me, probably not for him, the son of a bitch. He and Pandora never were something, but Charlie was broken. And when I say broken, I mean really torned. Than the squat broke down, Will and Cade became more 'the bad guys', because there was nobody to stop them anymore. Their ego almost bursts now. And you have seen by yourself how they are now. But I have to admit, it has something hot.'' I get the tousandth wink of the day, but she is right, it has defenitely something.

''Now I understand why Charlie warned me for them, he doesn't want me to get hurt.''

''Wait, he warned you?''

''Yes, he said I shouldn't watch them or speak to them because otherwise  I would get their new target.''

''That's sweet of him, like he is your big, protective brother. But now it's up to you what you're going to do with this. I heard how William talked to you this morning, just know that he normally isn't so kind. And I also heard the 'whydidyoucametoEngland-part', I don't have any problems with the fact that you don't want to talk about that, that's your decesion, just know that my door is always open for you. I only think you have drawn his attention. But you can handle him, I'm sure of that.'' 

 I get the thousandth-and-one wink of the day. I wonder how it's possible that the muscle from her eye isn't overworked.

''Act nomal. Wilson and Charlie are coming'' 

'' Hey girls, can we join you?'' At exactly the same moment, the bell rings.





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