This is not a love story

This is not a love story. It’s maybe a story about love, but it is definitly not a love story. This is a history about a boy wih dark brown hair and eyes with the colour the ocean, eyes who could see trough everything, damn, that boy has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen.This boy took the pieces of my broken heart and made it whole again. This is a story about tears and smiles, about the best and the worst. This isn’t even a happy-ever-after-story, this is MY story.


3. A new chapter


I'm seventeen. They think I'm still a little girl. 

People from the social assistance called me, they say that I need to live with my uncle and my cousin Charlie. They are the only family that's left. The only problem is that they live in The United Kingdom, I live in California; and I also haven't seen them for more then 7 years.I don't even know or they came to the funeral. But I try to see it as something else then missing my friends, the place were I grew up, were all my memories of the best people in the world are. This can be a new start, a place were I'm just Isabell, a girl who lives with her uncle and cousin. Not Isabell, the girl that has lost everything she had and has a pathetic life.. Today, a new chapter in my life begins.

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