The Rescue Operation

This is a story when Diana and her friends are kidnaped by Dairo an evil man. Except Filto who is the hero. This is a suspense story where all peoplecan die, who will die in each chapter.


3. The sad Dayro´s injured

Dayro is prepared for the fryendly match in Honduras, Greek vs Italy, Dayro is a first team player, that left defender,- is a good match, run Papasthofojuderasonoleran, lose the ball, Dayro sprint, run, run, Mark Gambon, foul on top of Dayro, Dayro is hurt and the  refree,refree not refree the foul, salf for hurt Dayro 10 and go in Derbolmenrotulimonewrontiyungo- speak the commentator.

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