the reality of us

it's about three children that lost their parents in a fire accident and also their brothers that were killed. This is not a thriller story. This story doesn't have a happy ending. Here you will find how anger and hate of a man tries to destroy their lifes and how this kids get rid off his multiple attacks.


1. the bad begining

if you are searching a happy ending story this is not a good book for you to read. these book is about one girl and her family in a terrible adventure .

Violet is a girl of 12 years old ,she is inteligent  and she loves to make things whit her mother . She has two twins brothers they are older than her one is called John and the other is call Jony ,she also has a brother called Klaus and one small sister called Suny. Her mother and her father  work in a explosive's fabric her dad brings them from the school and the mother works all day.


One day in the school Violet met a famous girl and she liked her a lot because she is pretty funny and intelligent. She always thinks that her family don't have  no one hate them ,but she wasn't right , there is vilian who want to kill them all and the villian name is count Olaf.


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