When I Found You

This is a love story about a girl named Rosie, who is new in San Francisco and feels so lonely because she misses her family and friends in Los Angeles, but when she finds her perfect match, her life takes a turn.


1. My favorite place. (Rosie's POV)

I love this place. It kind of has a spark that just makes me feel happier, like telling me that I can get through all my problems and make it out alive. I always love to sit on the grass and stare into the lake while drinkinng some cofffe. Kind of the only way I can get through the day without falling asleep. Thing is, I don't even have a reason to feel this way, I mean, I live in my dream city and I study at my favorite college, but it just feels kinda empty, I guess thats just how adulting is. I just miss my people back in Los Angeles. I always keep wondering if someday I would ever find my perfect match. Someone so beautiful that would make me forget all of my problems. Someone so sweet that would make up for my family and friends that I miss so much but at the same time, someone strong and caring enough that would make me feel protected, like I'm stronger than all of my problems. I hope someday I will find this person but in the meanwhile, I'll go study cos' wether I find her or not, I sure need to be able to feed myself!

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