Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Guess what? I fell in love (again), he is the most sweetest guy I have never met, he is handsome, a complete gentleman, and he is nothing like the others and this time I mean it. He is the dream guy of any girl, I hope to have a chance with him as long as she doesn't decide to take him too.


2. May 3rd 2016

Dear Diary:

I didn't went to class today, Natty wasn't feeling alright, so I drove her to the doctor, then to the pharmacy, and to the mall, because she was going to meet with Malik for lunch. I thought that I was supposed to drop her and he was going to drive her  back to the apartment, but nope, I had to wait for her, so I was invited to have lunch too.

As soon as we sit down, I notice something, maybe it was me, maybe it was all in my head, but Malik was staring at me, with his beautiful blue eyes, as a natural reaction, I thought I had something on me, so I checked myself on the mirror, looked at my shirt, but nothing, so I just guessed he was looking at someone behind me and continued with my food, yet, have you ever gotten the feeling that someone is looking at you with so much energy that you actually feel tempted to look up? You guessed it, Malik was staring at me, why? I wasn't very sure so I asked him if there was something wrong, he laughed, shakes his head and continue with his lunch.

My reaction? You know me, I felt bad, I felt like he was making fun of me right in my face, I felt an urge to cry, like you don't have any idea, I wanted to grab my lunch and walk away, but he is Natty's friend and he has been away for some time now and she truly wants to spend as much as he can with him before he leaves, so for her, did my best to hide my emtions and ignore Malik for the rest of the lunch.

But there is a twist, Malik asked Natty to go get him honey for his sandwich (I know, disgusting)  and soon as she was gone he told me that my hair was beautiful, my hair, my plain and simple curls, he said their were beautiful!!!! I looked at him, and guess what? He was staring at me again, with the same look he had gave me before, which made my heart jump a little, was he flirting with me? I ignore it, because I suck at this love thing.

Not just that, later that day, Malik called Natty and asked her to join him for ice-cream, and he asked her to ask me to join them, which is making me think, what the hell have I do for this guy to be like this (whatever he is been like) with me?

I just...don't want to get my hopes up, I don't want to miss read all this signals for what they are not,  I don't want to believe that he is feeling something he is not, I just don't want to fall for the wrong guy again.

I should seek for medical help. Well that's all for today, I talk to you tomorrow.

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