Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Guess what? I fell in love (again), he is the most sweetest guy I have never met, he is handsome, a complete gentleman, and he is nothing like the others and this time I mean it. He is the dream guy of any girl, I hope to have a chance with him as long as she doesn't decide to take him too.


1. May 1st 2016

Dear Diary:

Today, I met the most amazing guy, he is friendly, funny, and sexy as a sin. No, I am not falling for him, I am just pointing out some of  his qualities, I believe I should mention that I met him a few hours ago, it would be too soon to be falling for him, besides I am still trying to get know who (Remember we promised to never mention his name), so I am not in the mood for another failed attempt to get someone to love me.

Now that we have left that clear, why I don't go on telling you about my day. After Natty introduced me to Malik (The amazing guy I talked to you about) I directed myself to my English class, but you won't guess who was there standing in front of the door, exactly, Jax, the obnoxious boyfriend of Ally. As soon as he spotted me, he crossed his arms and leaned against the the door, Ally whispered something to him, but he just shrugged and said "If she wants to enter, she will have to pass through me" he was challenging me, that troll was challenging me and I was ready to give that jerk a taste of his own medicine by opening the door and pushing him aside, but I looked at Ally's pleading eyes, begging me to please not fight with that...guy, so I took all the strength in me, composed myself, and walked to the second entrance.

Leaving the jerk aside, I have to say that I am proud of myself, is not like me to walk away from a fight so easily, I guess that the promise I to myself a few years back has some sort of value.

I guess that's all for today, I'll see you tomorrow.

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