Every Once in A While

Marilyn Cross has just moved to Florida, and to a public school. Up until now, Marilyn had gone to private schools under her heavily religious parents. Starting Junior year at Mandarin High School , she is confronted with love, lust, parties and the true high school experience. What will happen?


1. God I'm Going TO Hate It Here

"I really am Dad!" I exclaimed. I huffed and looked back out my window. This was so stupid. I didn't want to move, didn't want to have to get out of the car at Mandarin High School, in the middle of the first semester.  My dad was still staring at me for the 'inappropriate' comment I made. "Don't use the Lord's name in vain, Marilyn! I don't know how many times I've told you this!" He shouted. He only shouts when someone puts poor little God on the spot. Hell, he'd already told me if I didn't 'get with it' soon, I'd be on the road to ruining my life. I rolled my eyes and slumped out of the white Rolls Royce my father had stupidly decided to drive me to school in. Better yet to even BUY! As I slammed the car door shut, I looked back at my Dad. He had a crooked smile on his face, and was waving.  While me and my Dad were boiling water, I still loved him like crazy. I smiled back and waved. I looked back at the school in front of me and sighed. You see, I normally attend private schools, and ever since my Dad opened a world-wide church 12 years ago, he's been moving all around. After construction on a new church right here in Jacksonville, he'd told me he didn't want to hassle with private schools. So instead, he I am walking into a public school, wearing a  DVF Jewel Silk Combo Wrap Dress, DVF Madrid Suede platform pumps and a Micheal Kors Quilted Leather purse.  I klonked as I walked and got a number of weird looks. Some boys in football jerseys whistled as I walked past them. I turned and glared at them hatefully and one in particular stood out. He had short brown hair, and beautiful brown, chocolaty eyes. He looked at me dull fully for a second and then softened his hard gaze a bit. I smiled and then kept walking. I walked into the huge school and went in the direction of the office. I walked through the glass door and walked over to an old lady who smelled like Justin Bieber perfume. "Hi dear, what can I help you with?" she gleamed, and I shifted my weight. I looked at her and said "I'm new. My name's Marilyn Cross." "Ahh. We have your schedule all ready for you. Swimming, French, and AP Phycology" she said handing me a piece of paper with the order of my classes along with a room number. She then handed me a campus map, and said "A student will be your buddy today. Help you get to your classes and learn your way around the school. Her name is Genevieve" she nodded to a girl who was just walking into the office. She wore a white blouse, along with a green and black skirt. She had on Jessica Simpson heels that made a low click click sound. She had a long, narrow nose and blue eyes that were brilliant. She had waist length, blond hair. She smiled, showing clear braces. "Hi, I'm Genevieve, but you can call me Genna" she said. Her voice was soft, like a hummingbird's song. "Hey, I'm Marilyn" I replied, shaking her soft manicured hand.  

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