A popular diary

The diary by a popular girl. The girl behind a make-up. Who she really is?
Chapters won't be long ;)


1. Ahhh!!!




I can't belive what she done to me. Ahhhhh!!!!

So last time I was taking selfies, it was tons of it so i need to chosse cerfully. I decited for this one where I look amazing with this smoke eyeshadow. So I uploadet on my Instagram. 

The next day(I have a more than 100 likes) I need to give my phone to Katie, so she can call her mom to pick her up after practise. So she took my phone and uploadet picture when I look like and crazy emoji. Hhhhhh!! She pissed me of!!! I better dele this Image befor Chad see it. 

Ohh, my mom calling me- what is now???

So I find out we're going to the beach this weekend. Finally, last year at that time we came home. So we're going on Hawaii this year. I guess is A-Mazing. I need to buy new bikini, sunglassess and a sun cream. You know- my skin is awesome. We will be home at Friday.


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