Once upon a time


2. 2

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was bold, proud and naïve. The proud girl grew into a young woman who in her growth had seen more than anyone thrice her age had seen. Wonderful things sunsets mountains and endless cities but she had also seen horrors. Her sometimes father died, becoming her full time father a cruel man, an even crueler monster. So she stayed locked up behind walls of books where no-one could hurt her anymore. People came and went, but behind her walls of books the girl stayed becoming more and more numb to the world. Unfortunately the world tore her away from her from her safe haven of literature back to people who turned her against herself in an attempt to truly make her a monster. When it was finally over the girl couldn’t return to her literature and books anymore. She was finally what the world wanted, an obedient monster. But it had worked far too well for her; she was drained and no longer had an escape, so she fully turned against herself, in some of the worst ways possible. The world didn’t want their new monster anymore, while she was busy destroying herself she was no fun. 

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