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A in indepth grievance and warning about MSFLIGHTS.NET for abuse and shady practices against its members.


1. Article The Article

By Erwin Stevens

This is an inside report within the TS community known as MSFLIGHTS.NET. Hopefully with this article, it will also serve as a warning for new members to not attempt connection, or affiliate with the site known as 


This site is not exactly 100 % user friendly of all ages as they claim to be, and is subjecting its members to inhuman/questionable conditions. It is clearly NOT for under-aged minors! 

Their first problem is the power struggles between Administrators. There is no chain of command or structure to get anything done. Everyone wants to run the place as they see fit, being a dictator on how they want to run the site rather than uphold the posted rules they have and claim to uphold. It is non existent. 

Don’t count on getting assistance from any of the Operators/Administrators on the site. You will be banned for stupid, idiotic reasons at best, for no reason and without any warning. When they do act, guidelines are not being upheld for the good of the site, and its members. It is only upheld for personal gain of the in particular Administrator/Operator of the site at that given time. 

The TS owners of the site sadly have lost control as the final say if how to run their site and the members are suffering because of the constant policy changes, excessive force, emotional abuse, and slander inflicted upon the users from the staff, owners/SA picked to run the site. 

If given an opportunity to make suggestions, (which is encouraged), warning now, they do not allow Free Speech (Amendment 1 of the Constitution) to tell them what you really think, even when asked. You will be punished severely for speaking out negatively or if you do not agree with staff on any issue or for any idea that is not worth using. *Also including censorship on their forums for the same reasons. 

(#2) DO NOT, under any circumstances, abuse people who are on TS). This a rule posted

They have been known to mistreat users, and not give them respect that they deserve, inflicting emotional distress by the disrespectful, slanderous treatment toward their members. Mostly it is behind the back of members to others… or after the member is banned. They have been known to be drunk while an admin on the site, and bring personal issues into their abuse toward users as well. If you don’t want your good name and reputation besmirched by MS flights or be on the receiving end of discrimination, or abuse, I recommend going someplace else. 

They also claimed to be strongly against pirating and hacking in their rules, but in their own right have been soliciting illegal software that violates the licensing agreement of FSX (Dovetail) and P3d (Lockheed-Martin) and possibly Microsoft Corporation. The software makes it able to multi-play between the two software pieces when it is not designed to do so in the first place. It is a violation of the Licensing agreement of the manufacturers, only accepted when paying the manufacturers a “licensing fee” for use of the third party software with their programs. I have on good authority they have not been paying such licensing fee. 

*(Sources are posted questions to both manufacturers on their forums about legality of SIMLINK and its USAGE.) 

Simlink, as a software in its own right is ingenious, but it is software that cannot be trusted. It hangs, crashes, and messes up your flight simulator on multiple occasions. It has caused multiple crashes and corruption in both flight simulations which can only be fixed by reinstalling the Flight Simulation Software… Anyone who attempts to inform the staff, are banned/kicked from the server. 

Again a warning that you use SIMLINK, you do so on your own risk and is recommended you do not despite false promises and endorsement of the admins of MSFLIGHTS.NET. It just does not work properly! 

In the long run this site is a worthless endeavor and if you want to stay on the good side of the internet, I wouldn’t endorse this site as worth going to as a community. I wouldn’t expose kids to this site, and the treatment they subject their members to in the first place. They are a very piss-poor community with no leadership and unfriendly environment toward other people. 

In basic terms it’s a Lemon and best to stay clear of it and trouble that brews ahead for their actions.
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