When the Slytherin fell in love with the Gryffindor

New school, new country and new friends Ava Skye thought going to a new school was hard wait until she finds out the secrets about herself that will change everything.


1. A Whole New World.

"You can do this Ava Skye you can do this" I told myself as I looked in the mirror at my new outfit for my new school I was beyond nervous new house, new school means making new friends which i was never good at i was extremly shy and quiet even in my old neighborhood i only had a handful of friends that was back in tennesee but this was London England a whole new country i had no idea what was going to happen all i could do is take a deep breath and deal. I was getting ready to head for the train that would take me to my new school I turned and waved my wand which closed up my suitcase and the last of my clothes packed themselves i waved my wand towards my black owl to lock her cage and set her on top of my suitcase i then walked over to my bed and picked up amber my black kitten that my mother got me to take to Hogwarts hoping maybe it would relax me a bit and make me feel more comfortable "Well Amber its time lets make it through this semester shall we?" she meowed and jumped in my arms:


I walked downstairs "are you ready dear?" "as ready as im going to be" "ok lets go" she flashed us to the station and stopped me by the train "write us everyday hunny you will do wonderfully and you will like Hogwarts the neighbors say its a wonderful school" "ill try mom i love you" "your father would have been so proud of you" "i know i miss him" "i do to sweetheart keep in touch you better go the trains ready to leave" I gave my mom one last hug and kiss and climbed aboard the Hogwarts Express.

When i got on board i found an empty compartment and put my stuff up on top and sat down and closed the door i looked out the window and saw my mom waving to me i hated leaving her knowing she felt just as alone as me when we lost my father last month its just been us and we had to move closer to a ew job my mom had that payed for everything to her there ive never been away months at a time like this my old school you went for 8 hours and came home that was that but hogwarts was months of being gone this was new for both of us i blew her a kiss as the train pulled away from the station once shewas out of sight i layd Amber down on her bed beside me and took out my diary as soo as i started writing i herd a knock on the door "come in" the door opened slightly and a girl with brown hair and two boys one with red and one with jet black "oh i'm so sorry all the other rooms were full mind if we sit here?" "not at all" "thank you My names Hermione Granger this is Ron Weasly and Harry Potter were 7th years you must be new ive never seen you before" "yeah im a transfer from United States im in my 7th year as well my Names Ava" I said holding my hand out" "wonderful to meet you you wil adore Hogwarts its simply amazing" "yeah minus the ghosts, the dark wizard and constant wars and pain in the ass slytherins its a hoot" "shut up Ron she must be nervous enough beside we havent herd from voldemort in a year" "sorry Harry just speaking the truth" Hermione rolled her eyes "excuse them if you need anything you can stick with me" "ok thank you" "so why did you transfer to Hogwarts if you dont mind me asking" I loked at harry "well when my dad died last month so it was just me and my mom well my mom got a huge job offer working for Cornelious Fudge the Minister of Magic so we had to move and here we are" "i lost both my parents i know exactly how you feel if you need anything you can talk to me "thanks Harry that means a lot no one understands how hard it is to lose a parent" he smiled "so i know this is going to be  dumb question but whats a Slytherin?" "they are the pigheaded house" I gave Ron a baffled look "house?" "i got this Ron at Hogwarts there are different houses slytherin, ravenclaw, hufflepuff and gryffindore each house represents something Slytherin is you make friends cunning folk use any means to achieve thir ends, Gryffindor are brave at heart daring nerve and chivalry set gryffindors apart from others, Hufflepuffs are loyal patent and true uafraid of toil and ravenclaw hve ready minds witty and learning  will always find each other" "how do you know which house you belong in?" "they use the sorting hat its n enchanted hate that places you inyour correct house" just then there was another knock on the door Ron opened it "what the bloody hell do you want Percy?" "i want you to respect your elders and i need Ava" "im glad this is your bloody last year" "likewise Ron come Ava lets go get you sorted" "o-ok" "youll be fine see you in a bit" I followed Percy down the walkway all the way to the back where the teachers all sat "you must be Ava im Professor Mogonagoll i am headmistress and head of gryffindore house and im here to place you in your house now please take a seat" I sat down and she placed a hat on my head i jumped when it started to talk "Ahhhhh another hard one to place i havent had this since Harry arrived hmmm pureblood and strong and comes from a very powerful family perfect for slytherin but also very timid and shy hufflepuff perhaps no your bravery overpowers all else and friends and family mean more to you than your own life so Gryffindore is right for you" the professor moved the hat and wave her hand over my clothes and a gryffindore robe appeared "the rest of your stuff will be in your dorm at Hogwarts welcome my dear and good luck" "thank you" I walked back to the compartment and opened the door "i see you got gryffindore thats awesome i could use a girl in the group" "thanks" "start of a beautiful friendship and you can bunk with me" "ok" "im hungary" "your always hungry Ron" Harry said laughing he had a charming smile and beautiful eyes "i havent ate since breakfast" "oh for heavens sake Ronald here" Hermione said rummaging through her bag she pulled out a bag of chips and some cakes and candy and cookies and handed them to Ron "thnks Hermione i knew we kept you around for a reason" she glared at him i laughed "do they always bicker like this?" "yes unfortunatly Ron and Hermione never really see eye to eye" "got ya its pretty entertaining" "oh yes it is but they ha been there for me through everying ive been though those two have stood by my side through all kinds of hell i couldnt ask for better friends" "your lucky to have friends like them" "very" I gave him a small smile "you shouldnt be so shy" "ive lways been shy but once i get to know you i am not so shy i tend to loosen up and people see a whole new side to me like im a totally new person" "Well i hope i get to see this other you" "me to" we gave each other a smile then the train came to a halted stop "were here" Hermione said all excited "she getsd to excited for school" we went to walk out of the compartment when i got shoved down "watch where your going  you" a blonde boy with grey eyes glared at me "look mates fresh meat and shes hanging with the mudblood and blood traitors" "leave her alone Malfoy" "or what potter you going to sick your ginger on me" he laughed as he and his posse walked away Harry helped me up "sorry bout that malfoy is the nuscients o the school nothing but a bloody bully" "im ok" he gave me a warm smile and we headed towrds the castle we arrived and entered a big hall "this is the great hall where you can study and eat some of the best food around" Hermione said grinning we sat down and food apperead in front of us after we ate i followed Hermione to our rooms i unpacked let my owl loose and fed amber "dont worry ava everything will be fine ron harry and i will make sure of it" "thanks Hermione" "good night" "night" I got my diary out and wrote then shut my light off and went to sleep.






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