What has happened?

What has happened to us? I am a photographer, you're just the viewer. I understand, do you?


1. What happened to us?

What has happened?

I knew deep down, deep down I felt the feeling

I dreamed, and I hoped I was healing

I really thought that we had mended the scar

I thought so, but to you, I am still far

I am far from you, you don't understand me

This was my chance to show you, to break free

You didn't blink and eye, you didn't acknowledge this person

My feelings are hurt, I am starting to worsen

Why did you ignore me? Did you not see my heart?

I wish it never happened, I need a fresh start

Well, I put my heart on the line

If you didn't take it, fine

I am upset with you, you've hurt me

However, you don't stop me, I will be free

Maybe you passed me up, maybe you weren't fair

I'll never look back at you, not even a stare

I don't know why you didn't see my heart felt words

 I guess you ignored me, I wasn't hurt

Fine for you, it isn't my loss

But I forget, you know everything, you're the boss

I've been hurt, I can't mend right now

But, I know I will mend somehow

You won't bring me down again

Then again, you aren't a friend

Thank you, for breaking my day

I don't want you to stay

Go now, go far away

                                                                                                                              Don't stay 

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