I know why it hurt. I hurt so much to look at her, to talk to her. She no longer knew who I was. I was a complete stranger to her, and it hurt.


1. Her.

   I know why it hurt. It hurt so much to look at her, to talk to her. She no longer knew who I was. I was a complete stranger to her, and it hurt.

   It had been two weeks since my best friend and crush, Skylar, was released from the hospital. Almost two months ago she was in a car crash; she was in a coma for four weeks and five days. She had a fractured right arm and broken leg. And unfortunately, she lost most of her memory. Today should be her first day back at school. It was August 18th, 4pm when the accident happened. Today is October 22nd, 5am.

“Nate! Are you ready to go? Our ride’s here!” My twin brother, Zachery called from the living room. I was currently sitting on my bed listening to music. Once I heard Zach’s voice, I sprang up, running out of the room. I couldn’t wait to see Skylar. I know she didn’t have much memory, but I didn't mind the wait, or started all over. I just couldn't wait to see her. Our ride, Jack T. Who was also our neighbor, picked us up and we went to school. My brother and I were freshman, while Jack was a sophomore, but we were all pretty good friends. Once we arrived I quickly got out and ran inside to my locker. I dumped my books into my locker. and made my way to Skylar's locker, just a few down. Hoping I could catch her when she got here. It took about fifteen minutes before Skylar showed up with her mom. She was on crutches and she still had some bandages on her arms. Her mom noticed me and gave a smile then mouthed "Don't rush. She's just got back." I nodded in reply. "Skylar honey, I have to get to work. Are you sure you'll be okay?" "Yeah, mom. I'll be fine." "Okay. Just call me if you need anything." "Alright. I'll see you later mom." "Bye sweetie. I love you." Her mom leaned over and kissed her head. Skylar waved her away "I love you too." Her mom gave a last wave before leaving. Skylar had trouble getting her locker opened and grunted in frustration, resting her forehead on it. I noticed her frustration and quickly ran ver. "Hey. You need help?" She looked at me "Sure. she moved away, allowing me to open it. "My best friend used to have this locker. The combo was 15-7-13. and then you punch it at the bottom left and... TaDa!" I opened the locker and Skylar stared at me with a jaw-dropped expression. "Oh. I'm Nathaniel. and you are?" "Skylar. It's nice to meet you." Skylar adjusted her crutch and held out her hand to shake. "Say. Skylar, what class do you have for first period?" It made me uneasy asking questions I already knew the answer to. but there wasn't much more I could do. "Um. I don't know. I think... Algebra?" "One? cuz' that's where I'm headed." "Yeah. Algebra one. Maybe you can show me there?" "Yeah. Sure." I helped her carry her books and showed her to the room. She asked if she could sit close to the door, and if I could sit next to her. I nodded and followed her to the front of the room and sat behind her. We used to do this, but at the back of the room instead. But I didn't mind moving. AS long as it made her happy.

We were the first ones in the classroom. So I made some conversation. Asking her about her favorite things, and what she wanted to do when she was older. I asked her if she ever had a boyfriend or not, if she had any  friends at the school. She answered most of the favorites, but everything else she couldn't seem to think of or remember. I told her that I remembered her being here at orientation. She nodded. "Yeah. I was here. But I got in a car accident and... well, yeah." "Oh. Okay." I knew this and I didn't even realize it but a year slid down my face and Skylar panicked a little "y-you're crying. Why are you crying? Are you okay?" I nodded and waved it off. I pointed at my eye and gave another lie. "Contacts." Then the bell rang and class finally started.


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