Fake Smiles & Real Love (A short story)

He was never popular or noticed, and he was okay with that. But what happens when he falls in love?


3. The Secret

 As soon as I got off of the bus, I rushed to the tree. She was sitting at the top, giggling.

 "How do you keep getting here before me?" I laughed and climbed up.

 "Because you're a slowpoke."

 "I ran off the bus!"

 She smirked.

 "I'm going to be here first one day." I laughed.

  "Good luck with that." She smirked.

  I smiled at her.

 "You have the goofiest smile." She giggled.

 I blushed.

 She had the prettiest hair, and the sun made her eyes sparkle.

 "So, what's your story?" I asked.

 "Huh? I already told you."

 "No, not like that. I mean, everything about you. Why you like the cold, your favorite book, your favorite food, everything."

 "You don't want to know all of that." 

"I really do."

 She looked at me.

 "Well, my favorite food is pizza, my favorite book is Widow's Greed, and I like the cold because it's better than sweating."

 "Go on." I smiled and stared at her.

 She smiled.

 The next day at school, I checked out Widow's Greed from the school library. I sat on a chair and started reading.

 A teacher walked up to me.

 "Do you have permission to be here?"

 I handed him my hall pass without looking up from the book.

 He walked away and I read the book for the rest of the hour.

 A kid walked up to me.

 "That's my cousin's favorite book." He sighed and sat down next to me.

 "Are you okay?" I asked.

 "It's just that my cousin disappeared years ago. Her name was Isabelle." He said and got up.

 He walked out of the door and I could feel my brain pop.

 I ran after him.

 "What do you mean 'disappeared?' Did she die or get kidnapped?"

 "I don't even know. It's like she just ... left." He said and walked away.

 I stuffed the book into my bag and the last bell rang.

 When I got home, I ran to the tree.

 I climbed up next to her and stared at her.

 She looked at me.


 "Are you dead?" I asked.

 "What drugs have you been taking?"

 "No, I was at school and I checked out Widow's Greed and a kid came up to me and said that was his cousin, Isabelle's, favorite book and that she had disappeared."

 She stared at me in silence.

 She climbed down from the tree.

 "Where are you going?"

 She walked to where the rope was.

 "Why are we here?"

 She dug through the dirt and I saw a foot.


 She kept digging and I saw her body, and in her chest was a knife.

 I dropped down next to the body.


 I looked at her, with tears running down my cheeks.

 "How is this possible?" I managed to say.

 "Well, time was paused to the day I did this. That's why I still have skin. And when I said I was going to hang myself, that means I wouldn't even be here anymore. Not as a ghost, not as anything." She said.

 "You did this to yourself?"

 She nodded.

 I ran my finger down the corpse's cheek.

 I laid next to the corpse and burst into tears.

 "My aunt buried me."

 She stared at me.

 "Tobias... please don't cry."

 "The only person in the world I trusted is dead." I cried.

 "The only person I ever loved." I said softly.

 I looked behind me to see that was Isabelle was gone.

 "No... no no no!" I shouted.

 I grabbed the knife from her chest.

 I stared at it, a stream of tears falling from my eyes.

 I put the knife down and curled up in a ball, next to it.

 "Isabelle." I cried.

 The snow fell from the sky.

 I could feel my hands going numb, but I didn't care.

 I closed my eyes and waited for everything to end.

 I felt a hand on my back.

 I looked to see a man.

 He picked me up and the next thing I remember is waking up in my living room.

 Mom stared at me.

 "Oh, Tobias! You're okay!" She said and hugged me.

 "What happened?"

 "A police officer saw you lying next to an empty hole."

 I stood up quickly.

 "EMPTY?!" I shouted and ran back outside.

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