Fake Smiles & Real Love (A short story)

He was never popular or noticed, and he was okay with that. But what happens when he falls in love?


4. Come Back

 I ran to the hole, which was now empty.

 I got on my knees and cried. I knew in my heart she wasn't coming back, that she was gone forever, but my heart screws me over most of the time. The wind started picking up, and much like plastic bags, my happiness blew away.

  I got up and walked to the park.

There was a giant mountain that had a pathway to the top. I sighed and walked the path. After a while, I reached the top. I looked at the long drop and sighed.

 "This is it."

 I spread my arms out wide, closed my eyes, and let myself fall. 

I felt a someone grasp my arm.

 I looked up to see Isabelle. I was dangling off of the edge.


 "Not everyone is going to let you fall. Remember when I said that? I meant every word." She said.

 I stared at her beautiful eyes. Even when I was dangling over a mountain edge, I couldn't focus on anything else but her.

 "Tobias..." She said and I suddenly remembered what was happening.

 I climbed back onto the mountain.

 Isabelle held me tight.

 She cried on my chest.

 I rubbed her back.

 "Don't go, Tobias, please."

 "What happened?" I asked.

 "Look, I'm sorry I left. I should've told you what I was doing. Follow me."

 She led me to where her body was.

 "I know it's gone, but what happened?" I asked.

 "Come sit by me in the tree. I'll tell you."

 As we were sitting in the tree, I looked at her.

 "Okay, so... how should I say this?" She sighed.

 She looked at me.

 "Okay, so when I showed you what happened, you held my corpse and cried. At that moment, I saw you hurt. I saw you broken, and seeing you like that hurt more than stabbing myself in the chest 5000 times."

 She took a deep breath and continued.

 "And... I realized..." She said and paused.

 A moment of silence.

 "And I realized I loved you."

 I stared at her, my heart beating fast.

 "And when a ghost is in love, they can come back."

 "Wait..." I said and pulled her shirt down just enough to see her chest.

 There was a scar.

 "You're.... alive."

 She stared at me.

 I held her hand and slowly leaned in.

 Our lips touched as the sun set.

 After the kiss, we just stared into each other's eyes.

 "I love you." I said.

 "I love you too."

 She shivered.

 "Are you okay?" I asked.

 "Can you teach me how to be warm again?" She asked.

 I took off my coat and gave it to her.

 "But, Tobias, what about you?"

 "Don't worry about me. You've been cold for the longest time."

 She stared at me as I put the coat on her.

  "Follow me." I said and she climbed down after me.

 I picked her up.

 She smiled and I walked to my house.

 "I want to show you something."

 I put her on my bed and searched through my drawers.

 "What are you looking for?"

 I found the piece of paper and gave it to her. It was piece of paper with the words, 'I can't live anymore' scribbled on it.

 "Tobias?" She asked and looked at me.

 "I want you to rip it up."

 "I can do something better." She said and ran down the stairs.

She grabbed a lighter and went outside.

 She set the piece of paper on fire and smashed the ashes into the snow.

 I smiled at her.

 She held my hand.

 I smiled and kissed her.

 "Do you still have that knife?"

 "Um, yeah. But why?"

 She handed me the knife.

 I lead her to the tree.

 I held the knife up to the tree and started carving something.

 "What are you doing?" She asked.

  I stepped out of the way and she looked at the carving.

 "'Will you be my girlfriend?'" She read aloud.

  She looked at me and blushed.

 She held me tight.

 "Of course, but why didn't you just ask?"

 "I wanted to turn something sad..." I said and looked at the knife.

 "And make it into something happy." I added.

 "I love it."

 I handed her the knife.

 She smiled at me and started carving something too.

 She wrote 'yes' with a heart next to it.


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