Snow White? (A.I)

You know this story is about Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, don't you?


There was fairy tale in this world too and...

This can be any girl's dream expect for one...

Her name is Kate White.

She doesn't believe it....

Her dream will be comes true and her dream is become an actress!

But then she meet someone who'll be a famous actor and is into the band AKA 5 Second Of Summer, Snow White's Prince Chraming AKA Ashton Irwin.
Meanwhile, Kate met her ex-friend, Hazel who'll be play as Evil Queen.

She's jealous of her kindness, beauty and love to everyone.

Have Kate eat a poison apple by Evil Queen or is it fake?


1. Prologues

This story is about Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, well, the story looks same but different...

Who am I?

Well, I am narrower. 

Let me tell you!

This story is just another Snow White story. 

Once Upon a Time, there have a young girl who doesn't believe in magic and fairy tale in this world. 

Her name is Kate White!

That's right, she have a great, great and GREAT grandmother, Snow White in the past which is she doesn't know. 

She doesn't have a mother but a father.

She's really beauty and kindness in her heart, just like her GREAT grandmother.

Her father and Kate was lovely family that she ever have. 

But then...

Her stepmother and her stepsister were just joined in the lovely family and ruined it.

Her stepmother name is Regina.




She's still alive. 

And her daughter name is Cora...

They were not that bad.

When her father went away, Regina and Cora was cruel enough to her.

Kate's life is just beginning of her Snow White story!

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