The Girl in the White Tam

I never liked the sound of war, to me it would always do more bad than good. Violent, archaic, stupid. I was never grateful for the repercussions war brought to Duggleby. Or anywhere, for that matter. That was how I felt in retrospect, until the war brought him to me. For I never felt so much love for anyone or anything until Alec came into my life. If I had never left for service in Flaxton, I would never have met the soldier taking his first leave. I would never have heard those seven words, that changed my life.

'Who's the girl in the white tam?'

It doesn't seem like much, but to me...those words were everything, because hearing them led me to realize something I'd never of accepted before.

It turns out good things can come out of war.


1. The Spring of War.

I hated war. Like many others, so I realize my opinion isn't particularly special or unique, but strong nonetheless. I could be even more cliche and say it just doesn't make sense to me. I really thought our species had grown out of such trivial, archaic pursuits of violence, and power, but apparently not. Ofcourse not, I forget, we are a stupid species. 

I'm sat looking out of the window, in our confined kitchen space, awaiting my mother's arrival. I was apprehensive; I knew she'd be informing me where I'd be stationed whilst said war tears every sense of home and familiarity from my being. 



Tell me your thoughts so far! (I understand you don't have much to work with um)

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