Mysti"s Story

*This is based on one of the characters I am writing in another book, her story. Still working on that one too. Mysti means, in Dragon Language, "Queen of Poisons". She worked with Calga for almost all her life until she had discovered the truth behind the legends of the Offspring of the Indigo Knight. Attacked be Calga himself, he leaves her stranded with fear regret and a scar for the rest of her life. She traveled to the planet Gelden, where she had met Shinta. There, her life changes forever.


1. The new me

Age: 15 years old

       Rama and I loved each other since we were five. Though our tribes rivaled, we disagreed with their rules and isolation between the poison tribes and the fire tribes, but it was said that there were multiple battles and enlargements in the past, mainly over the fire tribes causing fire that damaged our powder and us spreading disease. Since then, we were always seperate. 

      We were aware of these regulations, but chose to ignore them. But we had to be careful when meeting each other. According to our tribes, we were men't to be under watch and responsibility of our parents until we were thirteen. Ten years later, we were able to see each other more often.

     This may seem like a ridiculous tale, and may seem like it has nothing to do with my past. But later on, it will be important, three hundred years later. Rama and I had been caught seeing each other from Calga, the Prefer that fell in love with me a while ago. I had my own reasons not to love him back(not just because of Rama, but a secret between me and the leader). 

      We were banished from our tribes so there would be no developing conflict between the tribes and for our own safety. We ran and lived together in the mountains with no regrets of our love for not very long. Until one day, our happy lives had changed forever.

       Rumor was spreading that there was an evil presence among us in the mountains and was spreading through our land. We didn't know what this was all about until just now. 

                He was there. At first, i didnt know who he was, but he seemed to know me. He appeared suddenly among us and killed Rama right in front of me. We fought all we could, but his power was overwhelming. all i thought of was using my dangerous poisons to kill him. But the last thing i remember was him putting his paw on my head and...........gave me a new, killer, dangerous me. 


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