Don't break the rules, it was all they had to do.


8. Yet...


“Sorry but I accepted another job offer.” She fixed her rich black headband holding her frizzy bangs that just had to cause attention, so blended in with her curly scarlet locks reaching past her broad shoulders. She wore the new “outfit” she was delivered even without actually accepting the offer, it was a royal blue blend.

“Well, I understand. For a woman like you, a dangerous job like this would be too much…” He teased as he ran his hands through his chestnut brown hair. Leaning on the fence dividing their front yards he stood with bootcut navy blue jeans and clean white dress shirt. With black certain type of shoewear, ending with a similar bronze badge reading Sheriff. “Oh my god, are you series..” Kathleen snickered following with a confused glance but a smirk along with staring back at her.

“What, hey- do I got something in my teeth or what?” Christopher asked playfully looking at the outfit he wore. “I-it's just- your shoes” She keep laughing as she pointed to the very wore out. “What you don’t like my high tops?”

“I’m sorry, it's just how kids would get beaten up because their geeky”

Acting as if he was hurt Christopher laid his hand on his heart and gasps dramatically, “You're so mean to me.” As he started to chuckle along with her,

“Oh I'm sorry dear, maybe you should leave the scary jobs to ladies.”

    “Least men pays attention to time…” Kathleen then turned to her watch, then ran to her new hybrid car with keys in the enginition, she drove off.


    “Oh just in time,” Mrs. Jackson said as Kathleen walked through the sliding doors, she pushed a clipboard in her grasp and signaled to follow without another word. “Now dear I do hope you realize you’re not just gonna be any nurse.”

Now at the end of the silent hall sliding the card in the slot to unlock the door,

    “These are all off our senior citizens, that can cause harm to themselves or others so we have a safe area to live,” Mrs. Jackson continued through the room filled with the elderly in depressing state. “They all suffer from many certain illnesses...that can play with their memories and emotional states..”

    “How sad..” Kathleen added as she lightly clenched her clipboard and walked to sit beside one discouraged feeble tired man fiddling his empty medicine cup.

“All you have to do is give them their daily pills and, look after them,” Handing her a copy of the key card for the door, and another to unlock the medication drawers each brightly labeled. “What are you going to do? Mrs. Jackson,”

The doctor turned from a new door, with the poster “Restricted” advising all,

“I have some, more...important work to do” She declaring, then shutting the door behind her sending the echo’s across breaking the nagging silence in such a spacious room as large as a ballroom, only to be filled with not music and laughter, but the aura of the poor souls waiting for the only fate of death not to far off. Such a cavernous place with poorly lit ceiling lights brightest at the office with the typical desk, chair, drawers of all the medications and files for each senior.

But was not even close to as drafty this “hospital” is. There were rows of beds with some on life support, hoping for the plug to stay keeping them alive, others wishing they had plugs to pull, how ever there were a few empty beds moving your attention to the carbuncle waiting room with faded old styles of couches, chairs and a small record player playing a constant loop of old songs which were popular when they used to be young. “Hello, I'm sure you all know how I'm new here-”

“Listen Lady, we all just want to get our pills-”

“Betty, your name will be mud!” The tired man Kathleen sat with snapped at the fed-up woman with the ivory white buttoned jacket over her dark tanned sweatpants reaching to her white slippers.

“Please excuse her Ma’am, it's just after you stay here after a while…”

The man with the baby blue sweatshirt with a gray vest over matching his gray slippers and a navy blue pants. “No, she’s right I'm sorry I didn’t realize the time”

    Kathleen insisted as she rose from her seat to the office using the same key card to gain access to all the medication and files.


“How goddamn stupid are you!?” The man’s voice protested violently as a heavy metal object crashed into a glass-like surface following his threat to her through the speakers of her phone as if she was in his presence.

“Hey, hey calm down, I'm just following the plan-”  

“Now she’s gonna have all the information we have kept for a good damn reason!” He then used his upper body strength he has in vain to demolish another piece of crap he never uses she thought.

“I knew you were an idiot but then again I simply never learn..” Another voice said over the other, “Barbra is just following my orders, in I thought you remembered what happens if you don’t…”

“No please forgive me i'm- “ Then she closed her eyes and stayed alert over the blood curling scream only for inhuman screeches with the following of gushing blood being brutally ripped to shreds through the phone. She stood biting her lip, not even feeling a drop of sympathy. But instead, I knew that idiot wasn't gonna last long. “Barbra? You still there?”

“Yes sir, I shall later report back on our success,”


    “And sir-?”

    “No breaches yet”

    “Thank you, sir.”

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