Don't break the rules, it was all they had to do.


7. Wonderful...

“Why the bloody hell was I not told my partner was in a bloody explosion!” Slamming documents onto his own desk, shifting the typical organized table.

“For god sake, Clarke calm down-” The sandy blonde hesitated only to flinch as the detective turned to the officer, “Mr. Clarke, In my office now!”

Art dragged his faded rieker saddle brown shoes to his bosses office silently regretting his words, and actions with fear of future consequences,

“I advise you not to do anything that stupid again.” Deputy chief addressed from behind his desk neatly organized with the faintly tilted nameplate, Robert D. Krumm

The lightly tanned blinds shut over the barely smudged glass along with the same transparent office doors outlined in cypress wood same material as the desk itself. “And we don’t even know for sure, all we have is her scooter at the scene.”

“Well I just wanna know why there hasn’t been an amber alert for her missing daughter…” Art added sitting up on the cold wooden chair, “And Cathleen and Sara”

Taking only a moment worth thought, biting his tired lips, brushed his hand across his wrinkled head, “You have a new case you should be working on“

“What about-”    “The FBI took over that you got a new case.”

Shutting the door behind Art, a pair of uneasy hands felt for the fully charged flip phone from the draw of his desk got up from his chair, closing the blinds of the door only to get a moment’s glance from the aggravated detective.

Art then logs back into his computer searching back to his last case with the list of all who participated in the unsolved case, with summaries of their job on as well. Surprised to reread the the many Anonymous in the document, which was never in any of his cases from before. Mariana Fiorentino



    It was late dawn as Cathleen swang faintly just soaking in the silence and beauty of nature itself, only to be called back to reality by a new but soothing voice from the yard next to her own. Except that voice didn’t even have to break the silence to catch her attention with only a small wave with his left hand, and garden shears for his bushes below. “Welcome to Allendale”

His smile gleamed stood out only for that smile to walk around the fence already reaching out his hand to shake the pale one’s before him. He has the most wonderful eyes, they are blue, mostly, but darken to grey in correspondence to his mood. He seldom smiles with his lips, but it is his eyes that shine instead, and it is this radiance that makes every man and woman who sees it feel the irresistible impulse to smile, too, for this smiling of the eyes is the most sincere and pure emotion that he would show.

“Christopher Thomas is my name” Christopher smirked, receiving an equal shake of each other’s hands. “...And I’ve heard of you Mrs-,”

“Miss-” She corrected earning a sly smile, “I apologize, Miss Cathleen,”

He continued straightening his thin ivory shirt, “I believe being a former detective and all, If you would fill in for deputy sheriff.”

Slipping the lightly tanned star shaped badge in her hands, as it read stretched in  light slate gray,     Allendale

Deputy Sheriff

    “That's really how simple it is” Chris nodded, “If you want you can come with me in-” Mid sentence Chris paused, quickly looking back to her eyes, ignoring what caught the Sheriff’s attention, he changed his mind and continued his statement as if it was originally the same thing. “...the station tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll think about it..”

“And when you make the right choice, it's down on main road.” Chris admitted as he lightly pushed his ash brown hair back to his typical undercut style, and another moment’s glance in the same direction of before. Then he shyly shrugged and started to slowly pace back to his home. When he finally was out of sight Cathleen quickly turned to see the closed set of baby blue curtains almost as if untouched.


    “Oh I hope you can forgive me and my troublesome mind,” Her hair firmly in a tight bun on the woman’s head, “You were out of it for quite some time.”

    Mrs. Jackson chuckled softly as she held Cathleen’s hands.

“Exactly how long was I in a coma?” Cathleen asked, still in her casual clothing from the lunch with her new neighbors. “A few months at most.”

    “Do you have a calendar somewhere?” Mrs. Jackson responded by waving to the scrolling sign with “September 27 appearing in a salmon neon red.

    “Thanks do you have a calendar to spare?” Handing Cathleen a “Allendale” sponsoring calendar, but there was no years on it.

    In Allendale, everyone drives the same electric cars, pollution-free, but instead of the small two seat cars in America, or even the four seat ones in India, these vehicles could hold as much as a 2016 ford flex, but stuck with the basic design of a gas-free.

This so called small city could hold about under two million, but anything but too crowded and had what any town would have, coffee shops, a hospital, school, police station, downtown library, nothing like massive company buildings.

Allendale, even had a few places of worship, a town hall/court, parks, and they even had a large sport fields including a public pool to play in and a separate pool for swimming lanes.

    “You do know we’re hiring if you're interested in working here, at Allen’s Hospital..” Mrs. Jackson said, she turned to the man at the desk.

“Mr. Krumm if you please” Then Mr. Krumm reached down under the front desk to the files organized in only a few ways, pulling out the file reading Applications

Instead of handing it to her, Mrs. Jackson laid the sheet on the desk pulling the wooden number two pencil from her hair loosing strands of hair in the process. She then already started filling empty lines, starting with the name, Kathleen Green

“Wait you-” “Oh dear, how foolish of me,” Mrs. Jackson interrupted Cathleen without taking any hesitation or openly no concern finished.

“By starting your new life, one leaves the old life..reborn with a new title.” Wonderful...

Then finally receiving the slip that decides her future career, now Kathleen was on her way out through the sliding doors, revealing the draining of color, horizon setting over the evergreen trees now turning a blissful mix of crimson reds and lemon yellows forming the breathtaking ambers. As the burden of accepting over an unfortunate fate she swallowed her doubts and followed the rest of the crowd…

An unfortunate crowd





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