Don't break the rules, it was all they had to do.


4. Ugly Olive Green


“You don’t know that for sure!” Sara began after hearing the daughter situation, after Cathleen finally settled down, sitting up in her bed pointing her tired eyes back to the sadden friend. “As a mother I would know if she really did…” She then laid gently back down, “But right now I don’t know what I’m feeling.”

    “You did kinda get a concussion and broken ribs.” Sara admitted with a small chuckle turning back into her traditional bright smile, “Kinda? It sure doesn’t feel like kinda..” Cathleen joked only for her to still not smile, “Where’s Art? I was wondering why I didn’t see him yet…” She asked lifting her head to look around from the table and the guest chair’s to the TV on the top corner of the room on the discovery channel.

“He’s being mean to me and won’t answer any of my calls.” Sara bickered with her pouty face, as Cathleen’s caretaker walked in without a word looked at the screen with Cathleen’s blood pressure, he wrote on her clipboard just to turn around not taking a second glance to either of the two. “Talk about rude…”

Only for a new man to come back in seconds after Sara made that comment with gloves on violently ripping the IV from Cathleen’s arm grabbing the blood bag, and taking it away. “Bloody hell?”

A blackish red poured down her arm only not feeling any pain she watches it drip. Turning to Sara only to leave the empty chair before the lights flickered off, only for a small bulb held by a thin wire only bright enough for Cathleen to see her hands. She backed farther on her bed after she felt the bitter wind of what appeared to look like bony creatures.

Pure fear felt ice cold in her bones covering her ears while slamming her eyes shut trying to escape the inhuman screeches. She panicked falling to the new cold ground only to hear metallic claws dragging on the same surface she laid on as moments later  she felt the air sucked from her lungs.


    Covered in her own sweat, her matted hair sticking to the back of her neck to her face, rapidly gasping for air Cathleen jumps to sitting up into another new hospital, except she was left alone this time. Still sore and bruised she got up onto her barefeet fixing her hospital gown as she stumbled to the doorframe.

She glanced around the empty hallway only to see an short and heavy old woman pushing a laundry bag in the opposite direction. Dragging her tired legs she limped the long silent hallway to the front desk where a thin old man reading used damp book too old to make out the title. “Excuse me? Where am I?”

Not even noticing her the man in his desk chair crossed his legs with her feet on the desk. Talk about rude… Now humming to the beat of a Temptations song, he looks up with his tired eyes to her. “You're in the town Allendale of course,”  Flipping to the next page the old man continued,

“Don’t sweat it, a lot of people haven't heard of this small city” Cathleen walked to the front door looking down the road to see the fellow townspeople below.

“Mrs. Jackson your patient is up” Releasing his finger from the intercom sending his voice from the speakers above, which have attracted the old, but not as old woman clipboard in hand walking to the redhead.

“What beautiful hair you have Miss Forester” She played with Cathleen curly hair, then to her own faded black shoulder-length hair, barely touching her white lab coat buttoned loosely above her hips with light tan slipons at the bottom. Cathleen began questioning herself only to be interrupted by Mrs. Jackson,

“You must be tired…” She waved her back to her hospital room,

“No, thank you but I'm a-” She backed up back to the old man's desk only to bump into the wooden table noticing the nameplate I’ve seen that name before...

    “Come on Barbara let the lady get some air” Cathleen then turning opening the door feeling the chill breeze against her fair skin, as Mrs. Jackson gave the man a stern look with her midnight chocolate eyes and a cheerful smile telling a different story. “I have to get back to-”    “Oh sorry sweetie but no one leaves Allendale..”

The detective now showing a concerned look to the doctor the woman walked to Cathleen’s side wrapping her arm around her,

“In this small town of Allendale, no one talks about their past life this is where people live their new lives. As long as everyone follows the simple rules everyone stays happy. The past is in the past, Allendale focuses on the future. We already have your new house ready! And I promise you, we found a wonderful neighborhood for you to live in. At that house we already sent you a list of the city laws, also a list of jobs we have available for you.”

Barbra declared walking from the hospitable to the neighborhood down the road with a small ugly olive green suburb house on the corner of the road. Which is across the road of a large private school pooling out with students of all ages in the same midnight blue uniform, girls with the knee long checkered skirts with a lighter shade t-shirt button at the top and along with all different shoes and hair accessories standing out. All with the navy blue pants for the boys and the similar but not quite the same t-shirt, with all different hats instead of hair accessories and shoes standing out.

These students seemed to range in ages from preschool all the way to seniors in high school Cathleen observed.“Thank you Barbara-”

“You can call me Mrs. Jackson.” The lady corrected the already aggravated redhead, already walking to her new house leaving the “wonderful” doctor. “I'm sure you’ll grow to love Allendale”


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